Rape Accuser Who Falsely Named Classmate as Attacker Should Be Going to Jail

When you are a parent of a teen, there are no dearth of things to worry about. These days, it seems, false accusations of rape are one of them. There are a growing number of cases in which we are discovering an imprisoned young man was falsely accused.

That fact was further highlighted when we learned that Wanetta Gibson's 1993 claim -- that her 17-year-old classmate Brian Banks had raped her -- turned out to be a lie. He spent five years of his life in prison before being exonerated. It's a tragedy that not only ruins that person's life, but also can cast doubt when other women come forward with truthful claims. Though, a recent ruling will make people as unscrupulous as Gibson think twice before lying.

She originally said that Banks had kidnapped and raped her. After he was convicted, she won a huge settlement form the Long Beach school district. At the time, Banks was a high school football player with a scholarship to play at USC the next year. That all ended, thanks to Gibson. However, after Banks was released, she admitted she had lied.

It seems Gibson felt guilty for what she had done, but refused to tell prosecutors because she didn't want to give the money back. So Banks taped one of their conversations. He was officially exonerated in May 2012 and now the courts have ordered her to will have to pay back the $750,000 settlement and an extra $1million in damages, as well as interest and legal fees all totaling $2.6 million.

If you ask me, that's not enough. She nearly ruined this man's life. Not only did he not get a chance to go to college, he was labeled a felony sex offender. She should be put in jail, perhaps for the same number of years she stole from Banks.

Lucky for him, he is still athletically fit. His case garnered so much attention, he was able to try out for a football team and miraculously earned a spot on the Atlanta Falcons. It's an unusually happy ending to a story like this.

Do you think Gibson should go to jail for what she did?

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ashjo85 ashjo85

Yes. Hell. Yes.

Caera Caera

Yes. She's the scum of the earth.

lovem... lovemyson1224

I completely agree that she deserves jail time.

Frances Locke

She totally deserves jail time, but your assertion that parents should be worried about false rape accusations (which are incredibly rare) "these days" based on a case that is 20 years old is ridiculous. Shit like this AND what the woman you describe in this post made it harder for legitimate rape victims to seek justice. 

nonmember avatar damien

ok lets talk bout the duke lacrosse three...feel better now,frances?

Graca... Gracalynsmom

The news said 11 years ago,  happened when he was 16, he is now 27 ....where did you get 1993 from?

sassy... sassykat122

Frances Locke... Not so rare. I have known two men in the last three years who have been falsely accused. And not just because i believe it but because of verdicts of innocence. Meantime their lives are wrecked and the scum who accused them go about their lives. I will teach my son to protect himself just as much as my daughter. And YES, HELL YES, she should go to jail. Scum

Tangl... TangledBlue

Ancedotal evidence is evidence of absolutely nothing.  False accusations of a crime, especially one of this serious nature, are abhorrent and the punishment of doing such a thing should be swift and severe.  I hope this woman goes to prison for perjury for many years.  I also hope heads roll at the investigating police department and procescutors office.  However, one, two, five, even fifty stories like this-while horrifying and sad-does not mean this happens so commonly parents need to worry and boys are at risk from every woman they meet.  Studies have shown false accusations ARE incredibly rare and furthering this incorrect, disproven, and inflammatory idea that they are not does an injustice to every woman who has been assaulted.

NatAndCo NatAndCo

I honestly think she should spend as much time in jail as he did.

Kediset Kediset


it's great though that Brian was able to make a comeback :) not easy to do, even once cleared of charges

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