Burglar Calls Police on Himself After Getting Scare of His Life During Break-In

broken windowA burglar got the fright of his life when he broke into a house and found that someone was home. And the person happened to be dead. The thief was reportedly breaking into a person's house when he literally bumped into a dead body hanging from the ceiling -- and he was so freaked out by this that he decided to call the police on himself.

Apparently the dead body -- which hasn't been identified but sounds suspiciously like the home owner, who hanged himself or herself -- gave the burglar such a scare that he began screaming. Neighbors who heard the commotion called the police, thinking it was a domestic dispute.

But even funnier -- sorry, anything with a dead body isn't funny but there's just something very Keystone Cops-ish about this whole scenario -- the thief was so rattled that he proceeded to call the police on himself, and report that he found a dead body in a home he was breaking into. Yes, he actually admitted that.

Well, he may be a thief but he's an honest one. And that's gotten him out of trouble for the time being. Authorities in New Zealand, where the incident happened, have decided not to charge the man since they were grateful that he'd reported a dead body that otherwise may not have been found for days more.

Said an officer:

Because he called the police himself to raise the alarm, we arrested him but decided not to charge him ... We're hoping that the weird circumstances he found himself in might change his ways ... Hopefully there will be a positive outcome from it and he will decide that burglary is not the thing to do ... I would be taking that as pretty bad karma.

Hm, will a thief change his ways because he bumped into a dead body? Something tells me no. Police say he is "known" to them -- which means he has a history of this already. People usually don't change their ways because of a brief scare. But who knows? Stranger things have happened, right? Like bumping into a dead body when you're robbin' a joint.

Do you think he should have been charged?

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Irela... Ireland69

Hopefully this is a way to scare him.  Everything happens for a reason.

Christina Guzman Bandy

I'm hoping this would have traumatized him, and since he was released, will make him think twice about breaking into homes.  I still feel he should have been arrested though.


I bet he call scared they would later find his finger prints in the home and charge him with murder. It was dumb to break in but smart to call police.

Lori Hoffman Behr

No ,He should have been arrested. He will rob people again, some people never learn.


angel... angelbaby1977

Should have been charged. He was prob just trying to save his own butt.

Elizabeth Zeigler

Charged with breaking and entering, not robbery. He did not steal anything.

Lisa Langston

yeah right.... the guy will most likely try to go back n finish the f=job....


Daniel A Hunt

They won't charge him because he is black.

Panda... PandaPop83

Hmmm... I think he got what he deserved. Hopefully this spooked him straight. I've seen a dead body hanging before. It truly traumatized me and made me re-evaluate my own life, praying that my decisions and actions don't lead me to a place where the only way out is death. That is a sad life to live, and hopefully this guy sees that. Taking from other people will only bring you bad karma.

bills... billsfan1104

HE was probably thinking that is he didnt, he would be charged with murder. 

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