Ex-Marines Convicted in Brutal Rape-Murder of Newlyweds Get What They Deserve

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Two former Marines have been sentenced to death for their role in one of the most hideous crimes imaginable -- they were convicted of storming the home of an Iraqi veteran and his new wife, forcing the husband to watch as they raped his wife, and then shooting both of them in the head. The third Marine who was convicted of killing the couple was sentenced to life in prison.

From the first I heard about this crime, I thought it was one of the more horrific I'd ever heard. Newlywed couple Sergeant Jan Pietrzak, 24, and his wife Quiana Jenkins-Pietrzak, 26, weren't just killed, they were tortured for several hours before their deaths with details too grisly and disgusting to get into. This couple suffered unspeakably before their young lives were snuffed out -- and all because these three scumbags, who defile the name Marine, merely decided to wreak hell and havoc upon a completely innocent couple.

A crime like this by anyone would be bad enough, but to think three Marines perpetrated it, makes it even more deeply disturbing. And they did it on a fellow militaryman. They even knew the veteran. His wife was a caring woman who was a counselor with an infant care program.

The prosecution had tried to claim the attack was racially motivated because the husband was white and the wife black and racial slurs were found written on the wall -- the defense said it was a robbery gone wrong. Yeah, that's "gone wrong" all right! Either way, these three Marines couldn't have possibly conducted themselves as any less worthy of a Marine. I even hate saying the word "Marine" in the same paragraph as them.

I'm generally not in favor of the death penalty, but no one will miss these two.

Do you think this was the right decision?

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cmjaz cmjaz

That's horrible! It is shocking to hear that they were Marines. So sad for that couple. I hope the death penalty is followed through on those scum.

liz549 liz549

They don't deserve be call human all three . Everyone wants to play the racial card when something goes down. I say it over and over again no matter what color your skin is don't make a difference you commits a crime you should pay for it here I don't know about but the judge above yes I do. Really people it over color you did the crime which to me this is just sick,sick,sick past sick people. I pray this young couples families can have some peace and know they see them again .

dixie... dixiechick2

An eye for an eye, torture, rape and kill them while the others watch!

Clara Hall

All 3,,,death!!!

nonmember avatar Amber


William Besold

They should hand the mothers fuckers

Tammy Ryder

I think all three should be put to death immediately!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Laura Smith

Completely out of hand..I don't understand why this would happen. I am so sad for the families of the victims.

K.c. Collins

I have NO problem seeing these three fry.

nonmember avatar Lindsay

I love how it says it was a racial crime of they were so concerned he was with a black woman why rape her. It's just distrusting. Ex marine for sure they don't deserve the title

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