Special Ed Teacher Accused of Raping 10-Year-Old 'Apologized' to Her in Twisted Email

special ed teacherThe special education teacher in the Bronx who is accused of tricking a 10-year-old's parents into letting him take her to an "awards ceremony" so he could rape her sent horribly explicit emails to the girl, which is how her parents found out. The details are sickening.

Special education teacher Anthony Criscuolo is accused of sending this child a note after the rape apologizing for his "roughness" and asking her how it was. As a parent, I can't even begin to imagine what these parents must have felt to see that. The betrayal of trust is just beyond imagining.

See his exact words below:

I was too rough. Sorry. It’s normal. You may feel pain for a few days. How did it feel for you?

Those are not the only horrifying details, though. Authorities say the abuse had been going on for weeks with Criscuolo telling the girl how much he "liked" her, kissing her, and generally being inappropriate.

Supposedly he told her:

I’m doing this because I like you. I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable . . . If you feel uncomfortable, ask me to stop.

Let's bear in mind: SHE WAS 10. It's hard to even begin to fathom the evil this man is accused of doing and what it will do to this little girl's future. Even worse, other students claim the two often "played husband and wife" and that they were dancing far too close at a Valentine's party back in February. He may have even bought her a real diamond ring. Sick. Sick. Sick.

How long was this little girl possibly being preyed upon? Why did she not tell anyone?

This is the kind of case that just makes your skin crawl and you have to wonder how he managed to be so public about it and there were so many witnesses to inappropriate behavior and yet nothing changed.

We expect our children to be protected at school and no one protected this girl. It sounds like there were countless opportunities to stop her victimization and no one stepped in. My heart just breaks for her.

Do you think people did not put it together?


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Todd Vrancic

If the child was special needs, she might not have had the vocabulary or the ability to tell people this man was behaving inappropriately.

Foley... Foleygirl24

Most people don't recognize grooming behaviors when they see it. And the whole point of grooming their victim is so they keep their mouth shut about it. That's why grooming needs to be it's own separate crime like it is in Britain.

nonmember avatar Kwatt

Does anyone else find it odd that a 10 year old has email?

jalaz77 jalaz77

Oh wow. How disgusting. No it's not odd she has an email account. Most students do. We just opened one for our 7 year old but she emails is, my parents, my bro and three aunts.

Alexis Pangelina- Ramirez

That is just sickening . It amazes me how special Ed teachers are even able to hold these positions as teachers . How do they screen these teachers to work with our children . My so. Is diagnosed with autism and was abused by a teacher . Who verball and physically abused him to . Even giving him pills without my knowledge . School staff and city police . Wouldn't help me protect my son . When does it end . My son still suffers from this abuse . My heart breaks for this you g girl . This teacher needs to be jailed !!!!

Lisa Stitzel Brown

If she were my child he wouldn't have lived long enough to make it to jail.  They would have found his body in a shallow grave in the woods.  He deserves nothing more and don't give me any of that bleeding heart crap about how he will get his punishment from god or that justice has to be served.  If she were my child, my justice would have been served and he would be meeting satan real quick.  This is what should happen to every piece of garbage who sexually abuses a child.

Joe Colehour

People like this often gravitate toward these kinds of jobs like "teachers" "coaches" "voulentiers" "Clergy" etc.; simply because they want to "go" to where their victims are. It's easier to get them to trust because of their job and also easier to get the victim to come to "you" instead of having to troll around neighborhoods. Statistically, the ones who troll around neighborhoods asking kids to find a stray animal or giving out candy are very, very rare. If your child is ever going to go through something like this the probablility is that it will happen first from either a "family member" or "trusted friend" or "teacher, councelor, doctor, priest etc." The myth that these people are always the roaming pedophiles trying to lure kids into cars is a dangerous one to narrow your mind into. As a pedophile that makes the decision to purge his or her fixation; one has to go to where the victims are. After all, you don't go to the paper store outlet to get the most candy do you? Might find some at the impulse isle but you find way more candy if you just go to the candy store itself. 

Panda... PandaPop83

I shouldn't say that it was the parents fault, but they could have prevented this. Is it just me or does anyone else think that the parents were way too trusting. I'm sorry, but I think it's kinda funny that they just let him take her to an awards ceremony. Were they not invited so they could take her themselves? I know I'd be wary of a grown man, especially one who is not a relative, to take any of my daughters anywhere. This screams red flags all over. How could her parents not pick up on them? In any case, I hope this little girl finds the strength to cope with the damage that has been done to her and eventually gets to heal.

Annette Wilson

I don't care if she didn't tell anyone at all. That mans needs his ass kicked and kicked really hard. I hate to say it but I really think I would have probably done something really bad.

Kate Cooley

There's not enough fire to take care of this man properly.


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