Kids Left Locked in Hot Camper While Police Say Mom Was on a Beer Run

Jaronda Rena WilsonA mother of two is facing criminal charges this week, but she should count herself lucky. After allegedly leaving her two kids locked in a camper alone so she could make a run to buy beer, Jaronda Rena Wilson is only facing child abuse charges.

It could have been worse. According to cops, the pad-locked camper Wilson's 6-month-old baby and 2-year-old were found in had no air conditioning, and the windows were sealed shut. Did I mention this was in the summer in southeastern Virginia, where the temperature sits in the 80's to 90s this time of year?

Those poor children must have had a guardian angel watching over them ... especially when you consider cops only stumbled on the camper filled with dirty diapers, feces, and bedding that was soaked in urine because they'd been called to the area for another call. Suffolk police were answering claims of an assault during a gang initiation when they reported hearing a baby crying.

They went to investigate and found a virtual house of horrors and two kids covered in bug bites sitting in dirty diapers.

I suppose I could be considered nuts for seeing the silver lining here, but I've worked as a reporter long enough, covered a crime beat long enough, to know this is one of the good stories.

Horrible on its surface, yes, but we live in a world where mothers are throwing their children into walls for stealing pieces of gum ... and then allowing them to die. We live in a world where a mother and child are held captive as slaves for years on end ... just because.

This story? Could have been worse.

It's not pleasant to think that way. But it's true.

The children are alive despite someone putting them in conditions that are eerily like those of all those "child left in hot car died" tales we see on the news. And not just ANYONE! Allegedly their own mother!

Even better? The kids have been taken by Child Protective Services and are now with a family member. They've escaped conditions that no person should live in, least of all a 6-month-old child.

If that's not good luck, I don't know what is.

What do you make of what happened to these little ones?


Image via Suffolk Police


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Lovin... LovinJerseyMama

All I have to say is, look at her picture. That itself says a thousand words

LostS... LostSoul88

OMG... I hope she never sees those kids again....

Joo Hee Bennett

I wish that to have a baby, it was required to take a standard test of parental adequacy and overall intelligence.

youth... youthfulsoul

I think they shouldn't be with a family member either. Where the hell was the family for the last 2 years.

nonmember avatar Lexi

I'm nine and I say that's would be the meanest and cruelest and dumbest mom ever I hope she dies in jail

Debra Watkins

praise god first of all for giving his angels charge over those babies, hallelujah!, lord I no you and I no how you work , I no that you have the power to take any bad situation an flip it over to your glory , its for reasons like this you died on that cross,an rose up for the forgiveness of sins , lord have mercy this mom really needs your forgiveness an salvation so jesus , though the devil is desperately roaming around on his vengeful mission against you , I pray that reguardless of the crime this mom has done in bondage that she be granted the courage to reach out to you for help so you can set her free an give those babies the mom you jesus created her to be , lord we thank you an praise you in jesus name , amen

summe... summerblythe

Piece of shit scum of the earth.

tuffy... tuffymama

Are we sure this isn't the dad? "She's a MAN, baby!"

s_ran... s_ranker116

She looks annoyed as hell in that picture. You can just tell she's pissed and thinking her kids ruined a night of drinking with their inability to care for themselves. She makes me sick.

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