Child Molester Posts 11-Year-Old Victim’s Photo Online … WITH His Plans for Her Assault!

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handcuffsA friend once told a (rather macabre) joke about child molesters: what's the best kind of pedophile? A dead pedophile. Sick? Yes. True? Well, close. Because a dumb pedophile runs a close second. Like the guy who federal agents say they caught after he posted a series of photos online of an 11-year-old girl now known as the "sunflower" series. He was seeking advice from other child molesters on how best to rape the child.

The sunflower case, as it's called, is disgusting. Despicable. Depraved. And a host of other "d" words.

But can we talk about the good news in all of this? Why Operation Sunflower is being talked about now by federal agents?

This guy's idiocy caught up with him.

The feds got him.

Sunflowers are bright, sunny flowers, and the ending of this nightmare does have some sunlight shining upon it.

They proved that even though searching through the endless sea of child pornography can be completely demoralizing, it IS worth it. Agents say they were able to determine that a road sign spotted outside the window of the car where the young girl was photographed looked like a sunflower. That narrowed things down to Kansas -- where sunflower is the state flower.

From there they were eventually able to get to the place where the 11-year-old girl in the photos was being held, still wearing the pajamas she was photographed in.

She's safe.

The perpetrator pleaded guilty and is now in a juvenile detention facility (turns out he was just 16).

Child pornography is all those "d" words I mentioned above. If just one more image of a child being sexually abused is created, it's one too many.

There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it.

And yet ... there is good news in that something is being done about it, these child molesters are losing in no small part because of their need to document their depraved crimes. They are being caught. Kids are being saved.

Do you feel like there's a way to win this other than counting on the criminals' stupidity?


Image via H. Michael Karshis/Flickr


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nonmember avatar Phoenix

"marketing on the criminals stupidity" ?? I don't think that word means what you think it means.

twili... twilightsbella

Im confused here how was he a child molester when he is a child himself. I know he is way older than that little girl but he is still underage to

Setsuki Setsuki

@twilightsbella  JUst because he is legally a child DOESNT make him not a child molestor. Especially when she is all of 11 maybe just going through puberty if she is lucky. was she victimized anyless because he was young? no, and if we want to go with your logic he is still a RAPIST as he annouced to the world he wanted to rape her.

Carme... Carmen8706

According to CNN, 48 months and he'll be out of juvie.  Four years or less, and he'll be out and do this again.  Not long enough for this kind of crime.

Joanne Armitage

He's bloody old enough to know right from wrong, and he came close to hurting this poor girl! He should be locked away, just cause he's 16 shouldn't matter at all! I hate it when people stick up for the abuser because he/she is young also! Does not excuse what he was about to do! You wouldn't stick up for him if it was your little girl would you!

Erin Higgins

@ Twilightsbella, so how old does someone have to be to be labeled a "child molestor"?
Quit giving these fucking sickos excuses!!!! A child molestor can be ANY AGE!!  

Ihear... IheartTea

Sad...chances are our wonderful government will let him out to reoffend.  I don't care if he is 16.  What he did was wrong.  I feel bad for this young girl.

Gaby Tyler

The sad part is that he was likely a victim before he became the offender . this shit goes in circles 

TinkZ... TinkZombie

Yes I believe he deserves punishment. However, I think it should fit the crime. He seems to be in need of help too. I'm sure it occurs but I always feel in cases like these that the abuser is more likely than not also someone elses victim. Punish this boy, give him therapy and evaluation, try to help him live normal. BUT! I wouldnt stop looking into this at the boy. I would be takiong a very close look at all family members and people with access.

WARed... WARedNeck_WoMan somehow sounds worse knowing they post their crimes online but I'm glad they do so they can get caught! Sick bastards

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