Special Education Teacher Accused of Assaulting 10-Year-Old After Tricking Her Parents

special ed teacherA special education teacher in the Bronx is accused of tricking a 10-year-old girl's parents into letting him take her to an "awards ceremony" where she was to be honored. There was no ceremony. Instead, authorities say the trusted teacher raped the girl.

If this is true, special education teacher Anthony Criscuolo, planned this for weeks, having even sent her parents a letter "informing" them of the upcoming ceremony. Though it is unclear how they found out about what actually happened, what is clear is that this man was around kids for more than 10 years as a substitute and then permanent teacher and he betrayed the trust of these parents in the most egregious way.

It's just a horrifying story any way you look at it, but perhaps the saddest part is the way the accused preyed on this family. He took something that should have been a proud moment and he made it awful.

This man has been around kids for a decade. Though he had only been at this school for two years, he had been working with specials needs children for more than 10 in various capacities. The school department says this is the only accusation against him for now, so one has to wonder how a man goes this long working with kids and waits until now to do something like this.

It makes me wonder if people are ticking time bombs, thinking of doing things, plotting for years, before they actually do them. Does that mean a person who is a stand up citizen whom I would trust with my deepest secrets could also betray me this way? One has to wonder.

My heart is broken for this little girl and for her parents who placed their trust in this man. She is so young and so trusting and her parents would have had no reason NOT to trust a teacher who had been working with kids for so long.

This story is just so wrong all around.

Do you trust teachers to take kids on trips like this?



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LostS... LostSoul88

I would never trust a teacher to take my child alone on a trip. Unless it was a class trip that the school was aware of my child will neevr be alone outside of school with a teacher. Those aprentsa re stupid. I hope this teacher didnt hurt anyone else and he gets his fucking dick cut off in prison. 

ollie... olliespunkma

Why wouldn't the parents want to go to an awards ceremo.y for their child

Irela... Ireland69

how do we know that maybe he said he was talking a group with chaperone etc... it's not the parents fault it's the evil mind man that did this.  maybe the parents couldn't get off from work that's why they didn't go. it doesn't matter don't blame the victims family blame the perpetrator.  we use to be able to trust family, friends, teachers, cops etc.... This world has gone to hell!

Linda Thrasher

It's just a horrifying story any way you look at it, but perhaps the saddest part is the way the accused preyed on this family. He took something that should have been a proud moment and he made it awful.

What?! The saddest part is the pain and innocence lost for this poor 10 year old that is the only one who should have been able to trust her teacher and especially her parents to keep her safe. And as much as I have compassion on the parents, they do have accountability here. No matter how long these people may have been working with kids, they are still strangers to us! I would NEVER send my 10 year old off with someone unless I've known them long enough to trust them to that degree. I wouldn't trust them just because of their title/job. My heart breaks for this family and especially this child.

Bobbi-Jeanne Zimmerman

I wouldn't have let my child go ALONE with him and I would've been there for the ceremony. I would cut his dick off and let him bleed to death SLOWLY! What an effing POS!!! I hope they do the same thing to him in prison that he did to that poor little girl! Effing disgusting bastard is what he is!

Michelle Chagnard Scheel

Ok wait a minute; if my Autistic child was being given any type of award anywhere I would not let their teacher take them. I would take them because I would want to be there.  These parents should be in trouble too; maybe their child needs to go live somewhere else with more supervision because of their stupidity. And this"teacher" shoud be castrated with a dull cerated knife. Js

Jillian Young

this reads like Albert Fish, the famous serial killer.  This man needs  to be locked up and put in "general pop" 

Heather Lee Todd

Normally I would trust the teacher.....but this is NUTS!! As a parent I would have went with them to the awards ceremony and this would have been avoided. This makes me absolutely sick!!

Becky Saenz

I am a teacher and this definitely sounds like total lack of protocol.  All "events" or field trips are actually very rigidly controlled activities and students are to use the buddy system.  All special needs kids are never left with just one person, there has to be others in the room at all times, and no teacher EVER takes a child alone with them anywhere.  He must have lied terribly to the parents, who trusted enough not to clear it with the school.  I hope this pervert asshole rots in hell for what he did to that innocent little girl.  I am also the mother of an autistic son and definitely do not trust anyone around him, but I am lucky enough that my son knows when someone is doing something wrong to him and he speaks up for himself.  That little girl had no one to speak for her.  Also, parents are usually the ones who are to atttend awards ceremonies.  The school asks for the PARENTS to come to the school, not the other way around.  I hope this pig rots as he is a predator and yes, unfortuately I have known many terrible things to happen to students.  Teachers are all sorts of people.  Some are predatory. Some are prey.  Just like everyone else.


Judith Hardison

That's just wrong. Your right one has to wonder but what I wonder is, if he's always worked with special needs children what says he didn't do it to others but they just couldn't express it to their parents?! I don't think people are ticking time bombs on this time of pervasion, I think they have always been that way and have done it before but none of their victims were strong enough to come forward for whatever the reason maybe. All it takes is one brave little girl in this case to come forward and bring the hideous demon to light

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