Joe Torre's Daughter Catches Baby Boy Mid-Air As He Falls From Apartment Building

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fire escapeBaseball legend Joe Torre made a lot of great catches in his career. However, his daughter, Christina Torre, 44, today totally upstaged any of his plays with a catch of her own that was simply remarkable.

According to WBAC, she was biking through Brooklyn this morning when she happened to see a boy dangling from an apartment building. He was out on a second story fire escape when he fell to a store awning below. Then suddenly, as she was calling 911,  he just dropped ... right into Torres' arms. Talk about being in the right place at the right time.

While he received a few cuts to his face, the boy was in stable condition when taken to the hospital. Witnesses say it was an amazing sight to see. Kirstin Bramsen told the paper:

The woman caught the baby. The baby was shaken. Everyone was going up to the woman and hugging her. I hugged her.

Simply incredible. Well, except for the part about why the baby was out on the fire escape in the first place.

Police believe he slipped out by a window air conditioning unit.  A piece of cardboard had been used to secure it, and it's thought he pushed through that. Where his parents were when this all happened isn't clear, but they were handcuffed at the scene and charged with endangering the welfare of a child and neglect. The boy and his three siblings, ages 2,3, and 5, were all reportedly taken into custody by the City's Administration for Children's Services.

So it doesn't sound like a case in which they just accidentally let him out of their sight for a minute or two. It sounds like there may have been some serious care issues at play. Hopefully this scary incident will help the family get whatever help they may need.  

As for Torres, what a hero. While she reportedly didn't play many sports growing up, she's definitely got some of her father's talent when it comes to catching.

Can you believe she was able to catch this baby?


Image via Craig Sunter/Flickr

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jennyc3 jennyc3

Omg some one was deffinately watchen out for that boy even if his patents werent

jalaz77 jalaz77

Unreal!! So glad she was there.

LostS... LostSoul88

amazing, what a great erson to actually take a minute and stop to help a child. 

nonmember avatar Nicole

interesting...the neighbors KNEW it was going to happen...or had a feeling that their 4 children were being neglected but did nothing to report or anything? COME ON SOCIETY! PLAY YOUR PART to protect the children that aren't being cared for!

nonmember avatar NoWay

Nicole ... how do you know they didn't do anything? There really isn't much you can do. Social services often don't step in until something (like this incident) happens. That could be why the parents were arrested so quickly and children taken into custody. There were likely previous reports.

Thank goodness the baby is ok and hopefully these children recieve a new chance at a good life.

Jennifer Miller

I agree 100% with Nicloe ,no one wants the hassel but if you know a child is not being taken care of and do nothing youre just as bad . That baby had his Gardian angel watching out for him that day ,Glade the baby is alive and well 

hexxuss hexxuss

Fate isn't bad all the time =)

Heather Owens

wow talk about being in the right place at the right time!!! amazing...

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