Missing Toddler Elaina Steinfurth Was Hurt Even Before She Went Missing

missing girl Elaina SteinfurthWe're in week three of the search for missing Ohio toddler Elaina Steinfurth, and there's no news on what's happened to her since her disappearance. But there's plenty of news on what life was like for Elaina before she went missing ... and it only seems to cast more suspicion on the people who were supposed to love and care for this girl.

Angela Mories (also sometimes identified as Angela Steinfurth) is still sitting in jail on a child endangerment charge. The mother of Elaina and her older sister Kylie was arrested last week on allegations that her youngest child was hurt, and she didn't take her to the doctor. Cops are remaining mum on what exactly happened there, but other folks related to the case are more than happy to talk.

People who know Angela Mories and her boyfriend, Steven King, are crawling out of the woodwork to share stories that make the mystery of how a little girl just ups and disappears when she's supposed to be "napping" sound that much more ... shady:

1. A neighbor who showed his face on Nancy Grace but is being identified only as "Frank" said Angela told him Elaina had a bruised eye, bump on the head, and dried blood around her nostril when she woke up on the morning of June 2 -- the day she disappeared.

2. Terry Steinfurth Jr., ex-husband of Angela and father of both girls, has revealed when he showed up to pick up his daughters, he was only given Kylie. He alleges King tried to pick a fight with him over taking Elaina, so he left. When came back with his dad, Steinfurth says he was told the little girl was gone.

3. A police report describes King and Mories' home as “unfit for living,” and describes sewage overflowing from a toilet and dog feces on the floor.

Does any of this mean Mories or King had something to do with Elaina's disappearance?

Maybe. Maybe not.

But it certainly doesn't HELP their claims that they're innocent when we hear that things were so screwed up in Elaina's life so close to the time of she went missing. Things don't look good for Mories or her boyfriend right now.

And that only makes this case harder to stomach. What hope is there for a little girl when the very people who were supposed to love her are being cast in a light this dark?

What do you think happened to Elaina?


Image via National Center for Missing & Exploited Children

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nonmember avatar Breal

Why didn't the father provide a safe environment for his children. I'm sure it wasn't a secret the way they were living.

nonmember avatar Breal

Why didn't the father provide a safe environment for his children. I'm sure it wasn't a secret the way they were living.

nonmember avatar Mary

It sounds like he did. Her mother had her and her sister while the father was at work. The baby's mom was supposed to keep the children at her step-father's house not at Mr. King's residence. Elaina- the baby's father showed up to get the girls back and her step father (his ex-wife's step father) directed him over to Mr. King's (the mom's boyfriend's) house

Green... GreenEyesMom

Breal it can be very complicated. Without a court order or sole custody even the best parent has to let they're kid or kids see the other parent. An if he was working it's difficult to afford childcare. Mary's also right. As for answering the article I'm hoping for the best but right now I fear something really horrible has happened. We are seeing so many of these cases lately it's scary. Like I said though hoping and praying for the best. Poor little girl.

Cayla Tagliavento

This is terrible. I pray that the little girl where ever she may be is no longer in pain. Blows my mind that some mothers dont do whats best for the children. Makes me sick to my stomach just think what could happened to her.

Eva Bonnes

If the courts award the mother custody, it doesn't matter how bad the situation is for the children, it would be considered kidnapping and the father would have gone to jail if he had tried to remove the children. It's just another example of how horrific the system is for children. 


Jessica Marston Howe

I think that the mother didn't abuse the youngest child but is guilty of neglect. The mother let the house become a mess. I think the mothers boyfriend is aweful suspicious because he would not give the biological dad the youngest child. But what confuses me is if there was abuse in the house than why was the oldest child okay? I do think that the boyfriend had something to do with her disappearance and maybe abuse of the youngest child.

nonmember avatar jen

I dont understand how a mother can or allow anyone else to be mean and harm a child. If you dont want them DONT HAVE THEM. As a child abuse survivor I would never ever ever put my kids through the BS that I dealt with as a kid. God Bless that lil girl .... I hope they find her alive, my heart goes out to her .

Lorrie Patterson

It sounds like they abused her so severely,that they had murdered her and barried her somewhere.

Pamela McClurg Flater

i think the mothers boyfriend had been abusing the baby probalby for crying and such, baby noises. and he abused her before he put her to bed and didnt realize he hurt her so bad so when the child didnt wake up he couldnt very well tell the father he had killed his child so he picked a fight and gave him the oldest to get him out of there and then got rid of the younger girls body before the father got back. the child is close to the house i'm sure if not in it somewhere.

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