Mom Held Captive With Child for Years in Yet Another Ohio House of Horrors

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under arrestJust as the Ariel Castro kidnapping case has quieted down, another Ohio home has been identified as a house of horrors. The Ashland, Ohio house is the place where a disabled mom known only as S.E. and her young child were held captive for more than two years in what's being called a case of "modern day slavery."

Again? So soon? So close?

So much for isolated horrors.

So much for faith in humanity.

Technically, Jordie Callahan, 26, Jessica Hunt, 31, Daniel J. Brown, 33, and a fourth suspect who have been charged in the Ashland case were not linked to Castro.

But their link is not just proximity. Their alleged crimes are markedly similar.

Again a woman was taken away from her life and forced to live as someone else's property. Again a mother was forced to make concessions to keep her child safe.

Again we are forced to face the demons that exist in society.

According to prosecutors, the mom in the Ashland home suffered a head injury as a teenager that left her with the cognitive abilities of a 13-year-old. Her captors seemed to have taken advantage of her, forcing her to work as a slave in their home, doing their bidding, while they threatened her with harm to her and to her child. Prosecutors allege she and the child were forced to sleep on the cold cement floor of the basement and often denied food and threatened with pit bulls and snakes.

Like Amanda Berry, who managed to get out and call police, rescuing herself, her child, and her fellow hostages, it was the mom who broke free. She stole a candy bar on purpose in order to get arrested while running an errand, and cops got involved.

Thank goodness she managed to find a way.

But what kind of world are we living in where a woman like her, a mother and a child, are put through such horrors?

What kind of world are we living in where people think it's OK to enslave others?

I know that I -- as many others -- watched the Castro case with a sick feeling in my stomach, wondering what those women and Amanda's child might have been through in that house. Now we have to imagine worse ... what it's been like for people in more than one of those houses ... 

What do you make of this case? What do you think drives people to act like this?


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W Scott Jenkin IV

You can watch a "How To" every night in Criminal Minds, Hannibal, Dexter, etc etc. People choose to abort a human being rather than to give life. The media chooses not to expose politically correct murder and dismemberment. Our society's heroes are "actors" who pretend to be sadistic killers on the big screen. And some "tolerant" person will rant about my comments.

Anice Yantez

I think the same thing about the TV shows.  It's like some sicko somewhere has to be watching and try it...  Rather, a bunch of sickos, all over the place have to try everything from every episode...

Judy Dykman

I think we all need to get to know our neighbors a little bit and start keeping a watch on things then maybe prevent these sick twisted people from doing such things. I have no problem turning my neighbors in if I think something weird  may be going on. Maybe people would be a bit safer if more people took notice in things and actually got involved. 

Beth McSparin

Most tv shows are based on reality of things that have already happened in the past. I watch crime shows and its not because i want to go try the different ways of killing. People can make their own choices and good decisions if they choose to. I feel sorry for all these people in both cases, but seriously people stop blaming tv and video games and actors for the fact that this society is in trouble and the real reason is that more people keep turning their backs on GOD. There's your rant as respectfully as possible.

Chaya Kostelicki

I had a simlar circumstance, not held captive, but held in virtual slavery because my sister, brother-in-law and my dad's wife wanted me to do it. Oregon State Police didn't care. Once I started trying to plead my case, they shut me down. ( I have evidence) Nobody cared because nobody wanted to care.

People do stuff like that because they can, too many people get away with it.

Hawks... Hawks_Baby

What this woman did to get help was very smart, not common, but smart. To purposely steal to get help makes her a very brave woman. I applaud her stealing to get her child and herself away from her captors.

adopt... adoption2013

Some people are sick bastards from the outset.  Violent shows do give them ideas though.

Michi... Michigan-Mom74

" Violent shows do give them ideas though."adoption2013

Really? If they are sick bastards from the outset, how could TV shows give them ideas?

I guess its another way of folks not accepting personal responsibility. The next reprt will be they had a mental illness. Some people just have drowned at birth. 

nonmember avatar Amanda

This is wrong on so many levels. But yet no one person wants to stand up for whats right. Im glad I live somewhere where the people watch out for each other (military housing.) But Good for the lady that got herself and the hostages out. Im happy she did something about it. You just never know about people these days. And the sick part we live in a society where violence is acceptable. Babies killed before they even get chance to live. Tv shows where thugs and violent people are praised. Music videos where a rapper is holding a gun and talking about popping a cap in someone or having sex with a chick they ain't married too, and yet we wonder why our kids want to be like this. I'm 25 I remember high school it wasn't pretty. We also got video games that glorify violence and killing and prostitution. I think we need to say NO More and start looking out for each other.

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