Mom Kills 3-Year-Old Son Simply Because He Stole a Piece of Gum

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Maria Castillo-DominguezA mom sentenced to 13 years in prison for the murder of her 3-year-old son still says she didn't do it. But just wait until you hear Maria Castillo-Dominguez' excuse for letting her son die after he was thrown into a wall for taking gum without permission. It makes 13 years behind bars sound like nothing.

Despite a guilty verdict in a Wisconsin court, the 24-year-old mother of two still blames her boyfriend for throwing little Luis into a wall back in 2011. Then there's her confession.

Castillo-Dominguez admits she didn't take Luis to the hospital for days after the incident. As she told a judge while begging for leniency:

I made some errors as a mother, but I feel guilty and responsible as a mother because I couldn’t, I didn’t do it, I couldn’t save the life of my son.

Erm, actually, she could have.

It almost doesn't matter if she did the throwing or not (almost).

If he'd never been thrown, clearly things would be better.

But ... if this woman, this MOTHER, had taken the 3-year-old to the hospital immediately, we could have a completely different story on our hands here. Modern medicine is miraculous. It can work wonders.

But it can only do so much to dial back the clock.

We've seen a host of parents of late who have excused their failure to get medical care for their kids as simple mistakes. Their reasoning seems to be that they didn't physically cause their child's death because they didn't pull the trigger (so to speak).

Morally, the argument holds no water.

Because purposely not saving a life that's savable is tantamount to causing death.

Maybe this woman did throw her child into a wall. Maybe not. Obviously a jury thinks she did ... and that's just, well, despicable.

But even if she didn't, her defense is galling.

This mother failed this child. Period. She's lucky to be spending just 13 years in prison.

What do you think of the sentence in this case? Is it enough?

Image via Madison Police Department

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nonmember avatar Melissa

This is just a very sad and uncalled for!!! Protect your children!!! He was 3 for God sakes its just amazing!!! If you did not do it then she should of stopped it do what ever you have to for your baby's... For any children... A price of gum? Sickening the sentence I'm not sure? But thank God she at leave has 13 yrs to think about her pour little boy....God bless him!!!

LostS... LostSoul88

She should get the death penalty... Se allowed her son to be throwna dn refused to take him to the hospiyal. My ehart breaks for the poor babyt hat had to suufer because of this stupid bitch.

Carrie Eldridge

No she should of gotten life or the death penalty

twili... twilightsbella

Wtf she should be put to death she allowed her boyfriend to hurt her baby. Shes a pos 13ys aint enough time. She should of took her son to the dr and called the cops and got that man arrested and got him away from her babies. She cared more for a man than her kids she is a sick bitch

Shannon Mills Barlow

NO!!!  IT'S NOT ENOUGH OF A SENTENCE!!!  That lil boy is NEVER gonna be older than 3yrs old.  Why??  Because his mother didn't love him enough to get him medical help.  She should be getting the death penalty for what she didn't do.  She's dam lucky I'm not anywhere's near her.  She may be the one needing medical help.  Only, even in prison, she would get the medical help whereas her son, he wasn't so lucky.  She may have pretty much gotten away with it but karma will catch up to her eventually.  She better hope she's ready when it happens.

nonmember avatar kim jenkins

this so called mom deserves the death penalty... 13 years is basically a slap on the wrist... betcha she finds God and becomes a changed woman by the time shes out... eyeroll... pffft what happened to an eye for an eye??? i hope her prison stay is hard and scarey for this woman... yet another sorry excuse for a human and we hafta support her ratty butt... imagine that!!! sad a babys life is only worth 13 stinkin years behind bars!!! smdh

Jennifer Stiles

hell no its not enough! All she had to do was make one damn phone call.. 911.. HELLO!? what the hell is wrong with people now days??

nonmember avatar T

13 years, that's it? That is the same sentence someone I used to know many years ago (wish I had not known) got for robbing a place. So you get the same amount of years for KILLING a child as you do for robbing a place?? What is wrong with our justice system. Heard another case where a little babies body was 75 percent chemically burned and the mother got 8 years!

nonmember avatar Tamara

The bitch better be glad I don't know her personally because I would throw her nappy ass against a wall. She will pay for it come judgement day just like everyone else. Rip little man. You are safe in god's arms now.

Janet Hodges

i would give her life.and i would give her the death chair what a sick person she dose not need kids around her.

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