Boston Marathon Victim's Pregnancy Miracle Turns Couple's Tragic Day Into Beautiful One

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The Boston Marathon bombings were full of horror and shock and devastation -- but for at least one couple, that terrible day was also full of unexpected and indescribable joy. Caroline Reinsch and Christian Williams were mere feet from the finish line and both were seriously injured and rushed to the hospital, where Williams would end up undergoing six operations to save his leg. Caroline had a hole in her thigh and a torn quad muscle. While at the hospital, however, she found out some news she wasn't quite expecting but that turned the horrible day into a beautiful one: Caroline was told she was pregnant.

The couple had been trying to conceive for almost a year with no luck when they were at the marathon to cheer up a friend. After the blasts, both were rushed to separate hospitals. While at the emergency room, Caroline was asked if there was any chance she was pregnant and she replied she did not think so. She and Christian had pretty much given up hope of that.

Caroline spent 11 days in the hospital and then went to reunite with her boyfriend at his hospital -- doctors were feverishly working to repair his badly damaged leg. Christian had come close to dying but was saved by Good Samaritans who used belts as tourniquets.

A few days later, Caroline's doctor called her to talk about her discharge papers and told her some stunning news -- her pregnancy test had shown a slight positive. He suggested she take another one at home. She did and that one was positive too. She then took a final one in the hospital restroom where she went to visit Christian. That's the positive stick she handed to him.

Christian told the Boston Globe:

Any pain or suffering I felt has been replaced with joy. Discovering that I was going to be a father is how I'll always remember the marathon.

Both Christian and Caroline wear leg braces now but are home. They have started a funding site for their recovery, which also recounts their experiences. They wanted to share their latest story -- how they found out they were parents -- with the world for Father's Day.

In the midst of death there is always life. Congratulations to the happy couple.

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LostS... LostSoul88

aw! Congrats to the both of them. Glad to hear the baby was not harmed while they were going through that terrible ordeal. 

jalaz77 jalaz77

Awe!!!! So great for them!

Melanie Kleiner Layman

And out of the ashes we will rise..... this story gives it a new meaning.

Congrats to you.

nonmember avatar Joe

Been trying for a year to have a baby. How long have they been trying to get married?

Brandie Barrett

Joe how long have you been trying to mind you rown business and not pushing your beliefs on others? Not very long I see! I have tried for many years with my now fiance to have a baby and we are finally expecting in July. We have been together 6 years. Our relationship has lasted longer than a lot of our friends marriages so how dare you try to pretend that you and ONLY you know what is right for OTHER people. Being married doesnt make you better parents OR mean you will be together forever.

Jeanne Carroll

Thank you, Brandie. By the way, Joe...nowhere in this article does it say this couple is not married. Not that it is any of your business. My twenty year anniversary is approaching, and I never took my husband's name. But I digress...Joe, STFU!


bella... bellacazzate

A troll has already surfaced, I see. 

Phyllis Nies

Jeaane it does say her boyfriend,but that doesn't matter as long as they are happy and safe.I am sure they will be great parents!

nonmember avatar Mickey

Joe, I understand your mommy and daddy taught you that it takes a MARRIED mom and dad to make a baby, and I always hate to be the bearer of false information, but that is untrue. It's 2013, it takes a MALE and a FEMALE to make a baby. That includes adults, teens, married, unwed, etc.

Good for this couple. I'm glad that despite all of these tragedies there was still some happiness.

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