Rapper Lil Wayne Tramples American Flag in an Ugly Display of Our Freedom (VIDEO)

lil wayne american flagIt's a sight almost too painful to watch. This weekend, rapper Lil Wayne trampled an American flag while filming a video in New Orleans. He starts off singing in front of a propped flag. Then it's allowed to fall to the ground, where he stops all over it. Meanwhile, his lyrics go, "My country 'tis of thee / Sweet land of kill 'em all and let 'em die / God bless Amerika / This ole' godless Amerika."

Wow, think maybe Lil Wayne is harboring some anger and resentment toward our country? Just a wee bit? He has to be feeling something intense to be pulling a stunt like this that's already alienating a lot of his fans. Of course, it's all perfectly legal, even if almost every U.S. citizen thinks it's deplorable. We're fortunate to live in a country that protects our right to express ourselves, even in such an ugly way.

I don't think this is just a careless bid for attention. I think what Lil Wayne is trying to say is that America has failed to live up to its promise for too many people. I don't like the way he's expressing that, but I can sort of see where he's coming from. 

I wonder, though, if Lil Wayne would do the same thing if he had to look U.S. soldiers in the eyes at the same time. It's a fact that every service member has to face: When you sign up for military service, you're not just serving the honorable Americans. You're defending everyone, including people who rail against our country's symbols. They are America, too. They are the litmus test that proves our freedom.

But it pains me to think of people who have sacrificed limbs, family members, peace of mind, and even their lives seeing this video. I think it would make me feel hurt and angry. And of course, it would be within your right to criticize Lil Wayne passionately and condemn his acts.

What do you think of Lil Wayne's video?


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chech... chechimansmama

That is not trampling... the flag is hoisted and then dropped to show all those people in the background.. and he continues to rap in that area because it costs $$ to stop and playback to move the flag. Hes not deliberately jumping and harboring hatred towards it.. i bet the shot doesnt go lower than his waist.. its so annoying that people alwayshave to be so PC now.. im a damn proud american. Y write about this and not write about the poor 11 yr old mexican american singer from san antonio who was trashed all over online for wearing a mariachi suit whole singing the star spangled banner...

nonmember avatar Christina

Yes I have to agree. He was by no means trampling the flag. Should he have thought it through a little more? Yes. Should he have moved forward so he wasnt walking on it? Yes. He was just performing and the flag was in the way.

Shant... ShantiBantiMama

He could have shown some damn respect and stopped filming if this was truly an accident. Would I expect that from this trashy "artist"? Nope!

Laura Ann Matott

Oh good lord..I was ready to hate the guy..Its obvious he isnt trampling the flag..the people that need to be hated is the person who dropped the flag on the ground in the first place..

Michelle Takahashi

walking gently on it doesn't make up for walking on it. He should have stopped filming, had some respect for his country and those who protect it and picked up filming again simple as that. It costs money that he HAS....

Yvette Allnaturalnothingfake Keitt

Hey the President is getting trampled on everyday ! give me a break , Respect a person before a piece of material !

Ronda Harvey-Mitchell

He is a no talent piece of crap! come homeHave a littel respect for your country & those that fought so you have the freedom to "entertain" if that is what you call it! Before everyone jumps on me I listen to a lot of different rappers & yes they are black so don't go there! 

Toni Tourville

My questions are 1) why did NOBODY in the crowd move forward to protect the flag and 2) isn't he smart enough to stop dancing around on it when he looks directly down at it laying on the ground?  come on people, our people died protecting the flag and what it stands for, teach your children the proper etiquette!  He was so into himself that he had total disregard for the flag!  Apparently his parents didn't teach him any better!!

BookChick BlogReviews

Yeah...I'm gonna have to agree with the others. I am definitely not a Lil Wayne fan but I don't think his intention was to trample the flag. It feel and he kept going. I think the person taping was probably doing it on a phone or something because this video definitely isn't studio quality or anything. I respect the flag and proud to be an American but sometimes we do tend to become unnecessarily outraged at faux pas. Just my humble opinion though :).

Carol Gray Barriger

The American Flag is never suppose to touch the ground

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