New Evidence in Madeleine McCann Case Means It's Finally Reopened

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It's been seven years since little Madeleine McCann disappeared while on vacation in Portugal with her parents, Kate and Gerry. The couple had left their three children in their vacation apartment while they had tapas at a nearby restaurant. When they returned, Madeleine was gone. She was almost 4 years old. But now the case is being reopened by Scotland Yard, which says it has a number of "people of interest" it wants to question about her disappearance. Last month, detectives said they had new pieces of "forensic evidence" they wanted to investigate.

In the years since Madeleine's disappearance, several high profile kidnapping cases have been solved when children or adults thought to be long dead resurfaced alive -- including Jaycee Dugard, found after 18 years, Shawn Hornbeck, found after four years, and the latest case to shock the country, the three women abducted in Cleveland, Ohio who were found after 10 years.

It's quite possible that these cases have spurred on the reopening of cold cases all over -- because the standard way of thinking is that the vast majority of kidnapping cases end in death if the victim isn't found within a short period of time. These cases have opened the eyes of detectives everywhere.

Madeleine's parents were the first suspects in her disappearance. They were cleared months later, but no doubt the focus on them took resources away from following other leads. Many Madeleine McCann sightings have been reported in the intervening years -- though none of them turned out to be the little girl.

Her parents have kept up a steady drumbeat of pressure on police to keep the case alive -- they even wrote a book in 2011. I can't imagine what it's like not knowing what has happened to your child. Is she dead? Is she being held captive and chained somewhere in a house of horrors like the Cleveland women? Or has someone "adopted" Madeleine as his/her own? What a relentless agony.

If Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus, and Michelle Knight are any indication, perhaps Madeleine is closer to the site of her abduction than anyone ever imagined.

Do you think reopening the case will finally solve it one way or the other?


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Never... Never.A.Mom

I really hope so.

No matter how good or bad the outcome may be (we all hope for good), these people deserve closure, they deserve to know what happened to their sweet little girl.

nonmember avatar squirrel...

I believe the little girl is alive and someone wanted her as there own for whatever reason!!!

JJ Monroe

I think reopening the case is a good idea. This little girl is out there. We can't give up we must keep this case in front of everyone. These poor parents deserve closure.

Elaine Adams

A missing child case should NEVER  be closed   !!!!!!!!!!

Kimberly Paradis

I think all missing cases should NEVER be closed... 

kckcm2 kckcm2

Closed is being improperly used with regards to this case. Cold is more appropriate. A case goes cold after it fails to produce viable leads. "Reopening" in this case likely means they are using new forensic techniques to review old evidence which lead to a new lead in the case. A lot off times files and cases remain cold because it's expensive and time consuming to apply new forensic technology every single time science develops a new technique. Often times it takes someone, or something to renew energy into reviewing the case in order to try those new techniques.

AnikaT AnikaT

3 children were left in the hotel - what happened to the other 2?

Kelly Marie Attal

the thing that crossed my mind is sex trafficing. its so scary to thinnk about. but it cant be ingored. i think alot of these missing persons end up getting in the hands of sex trafficers. :-( i hope she is found alive and healthy. my prayers are with her. 

carme... carmen1692

THe other two had no idea what happened to her?!

nonmember avatar Darcy

I can't even imagine how these parents must feel not knowing what happened or where she may be if she is still alive. Whoever did take the child was probably watching the family the whole trip and waiting on an opportunity to abduct her. In other countries I've heard that people get paid to abduct little girls so they can be sold. Sadly, even if those parents hadn't left her alone that night, they probably would have abducted her at another time because they were probably watching. We should always keep our hands and eyes on our children especially in a foreign country.

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