Missing 9-Month-Old Baby Was Gone 2 Weeks Before Dad Bothered to Report It

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missing baby levon wamelingMissing 9-month-old Levon Wameling has been gone for more than two weeks now. But cops in upstate New York are having a particularly tough time finding the missing baby. After all, it took two weeks before they even knew he was gone! So much for getting that necessary head start and "the first 48 hours are crucial," huh?

The Utica Police say Jevon Wameling was the last person to see his son way back on May 29, but he didn't come forward for two weeks ... when the baby's grandparents started asking questions. It was the grandparents who went to the prosecutor's office for help and kicked off the whole search for the missing child.

Obviously, something stinks here.

Little Levon's mother, Amy Warney, is despondent. She was in rehab when her baby boy disappeared. Now she's out and wants her child back.

Only it's been weeks and the baby's father isn't helping. Cops say he claims he was locked out of his house on May 29. Jevon allegedly said he left the child on the porch of his house, wearing only a diaper, and went around the back to get in. When he came back, little Levon was supposedly gone.

That might explain where he went, but nothing explains why a father would wait two weeks to report his child missing, why it took his own parents asking questions before he did anything.

Could Jevon have been involved?


Or maybe not.

Maybe it all went down as he said.

But it doesn't take much more than a lick of common sense to know that the police can only do so much with what they're given. They were denied two whole weeks of valuable time in this investigation, time that could have saved this baby's life.

Whether Jevon Wameling was involved in the disappearance of his son or not, it can't be ignored that he made this investigation harder. And for that alone he should be punished to the full extent of the law. This little boy needed him to act like a father, heck, to act like a human being, and he failed him!

That may be just as bad as actually causing the child to disappear in the first place.

What do you think should be done with the dad in this case?


Image via National Center for Missing & Exploited Children

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nonmember avatar FarmersWife

If the father is truly claiming that his child went missing under his care and he did nothing- he belongs in jail. No question in my mind. Only "excuse" in my book would be if the child was under someone else's care and he just had not had recent contact. That doesn't sound like the case at all. I believe this is either a horrible accident, murder, or trafficking. But no matter what the case, not reporting it is criminal.

nonmember avatar 5kids2dogs

Sounds like Casey Anthony all over again. Wasn't a law enacted as a result of the Casey Anthony case about failing to report a missing child. Father should be arrested for simply being a neglectful loser even if he had nothing to do with it.

nonmember avatar kaerae

Charge him with child neglect and hindering an investigation, for now. Maybe after a few weeks in big boy jail, he'll be ready to talk.

keelh... keelhaulrose

I'm holding out hope for the boy, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was already too late. He sounds like he started out with a tough lot in life.

lovem... lovemy2sons25

#5kids2dogs you took the words right out of my mouth!!

jessa... jessasmamma

@5kids2dogs I think that law is only in the state of Florida :/ It should be everywhere tho!

Honestly - I always hope and pray as hard as I can that these missing children are somewhere, safe and get found ASAP. But so many end up heartbreaking, and even worse - one of the parents usually has something to do with it! How in the world does a parent intentionally hurt their child!?!? 

Sandra Ann

OH! MY! GOD!   SERIOUSLY????????

Lea Owens

WTH, I would have reported that the minute it happen. Something tells me this guy is not telling it all. This poor child. How can people do such a thing, didn't he worry about what had happen to his child. Was he even out there looking. Hell I wouldn't ever stop looking until I had answers and may not stop then

Maggie Vazquez

I Feel he had everything to do with his child being missing! Come on your child goes missing and you don't report it??? NOPE he did something to that baby! WTF!!!!!!

Elizabeth DiGiovanna

WTF, is this the male version of Casey Anthony or what?  What parent is not going to call the police the SECOND they think their kid is missing?? WTF is wrong w/ people?  If he had no desire to call the authorities, he was probably responsible for whatever happened to the poor kid.  

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