$23K Wedding Ring Returned to Owner Who Accidentally Sold It for $10 (VIDEO)

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23K engagement ringA husband who mistakenly sold his wife's $23,000 engagement ring while she was in the hospital giving birth to their fifth baby has reason to celebrate today. The ring was returned by the person who bought it by accident at a garage sale for $10.

Racquel Cloutier, 31, of Laguna Niguel, California, put the ring in a watch box before she went into the hospital and her husband sold the box, not realizing the ring was inside. Their story was publicized far and wide, which may have been the reason it was returned.

See below:

Naturally, the couple is thrilled. "We got the ring back. I am so surprise, it is getting me faith on people again," Eric announced on Twitter Friday.

Maybe he will even be let back in the marital bed again! OK, just kidding. But seriously, would you want to sleep with the man who sold your ring that way?

Are you surprised they got the ring back?



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flowe... flower_momma

Why was he having a garage sale while she was in the hospital popping out a kid?? No comprendo.

EmmaF... EmmaFromEire

It was her fifth kid. He was at home with the other four, and they decided to clear out the house before she got back, that's why. Comprende?

Stephanie Frisby

Cause he is a man and men do thoughtless stuff.

cute story though. I am suprised they got it back.

adopt... adoption2013

Talk about an oh shit moment when he realized what he did.  Quite frankly I'm not surprised that the ring was returned most people are decent.  Unfortunately I see the worst sort of people most of the time so I have a hard time remembering that sometimes.  

chech... chechimansmama

FYI the story says he did open the box... but she placed the ring UNDER the cushion, so when he opened it, he saw nothing. Glad they got their ring back..

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