Drunk Grandma Gives Her Keys to the Worst Designated Driver in History

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If you've had a bit too much to drink, you should always find a sober designated driver. But, and I'm talking ideally, that designated driver shouldn't be a child. I KNOW. Why, you're asking yourselves, would you feel the need to clarify that most obvious point? Because some people apparently think that's a viable option. A 54-year-old grandmother was reportedly pulled over for drunk driving in Louisiana -- but she wasn't driving. Which was good. However, her 10-year-old grandson was. Which was bad.

Police got a call about an erratic driver on a major highway. When they pulled over the car, they found a 10-year-old behind the wheel. Reportedly riding shotgun was his grandmother, Brenda Byrd, and also in the car was her friend, 48-year-old Sheila Joiner. They explained that the boy was driving because they were drunk.

Oh. Right.

I can only imagine how that conversation went down:

Heyyyy, Sheila, that was some party! I'm feeling pretty high right now, you?

Oh yeah, sistah. I didn't need that last Long Island iced tea. But they were soooo good.

Hey maybe we should get someone to drive us home.

Good idea! That's smart thinkin' sistah. But who?

Well ... the kid ain't drunk.

Dass true. But he's ten. He ain't got no license.

Pishaw! I'll show him what to do. Besides, it's the highway. Easy peasy.

Right. He's a smart kid. He'll figger it out.

Now let's think of some things the lit ladies could have done besides give junior the keys to the car:

- Called a car service.

- Called a friend.

- Called the child's parents?

- Slept it off somewhere. Anywhere.

- Not taken along a 10-year-old on their booze fest?

So many options. So few brain cells.

I guess we should be grateful the kid wasn't drunk too?

Do you think these women should EVER get their licenses back?


Image via D'oh Boy/Flickr

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keelh... keelhaulrose

I've seen my daughter on bumper cars. I'm not convinced she'll be a decent driver when she turns 16 in 11 years. No amount of drinking would ever convince me to give the keys to the backseat driver who tries to convince me red is go, yellow is go fast, and green is fastester than ever.

Monica Curry

Sure they can have them back, but if that had been my kid, they'd never be alone with him again.  Nope, never!!!  

Paula Steiner

Back in the day, Louisana parents taught their young kids how to drive competently.  Texas, too. I think it was a cold war thing.

cuauh... cuauhtemocsmom

What?!! Lol OMG people!! What is wrong with you? SMH

Jennifer Drake Cozier

Let the bashing begin but they are still taught to drive young in Louisiana. They start out on 4 wheelers and farm equipment. Car service in Louisiana maybe in the big cities but most places don't even have Taxi's or public transportation.  Heck it's 20 miles to  the grocery store where i'm from.  With that being said this kid must not have had experience on anything but a bicycle.

smdleigh smdleigh

I starting driving early.when i was 10 i was driving myself with my step dad passanger to school every morning..

Laura Moreland

hell no and they should serve jail time because the kid could of killed himself or someone else stupid asses have no brains and cps should contact the boys parents for letting him be with them

nonmember avatar Cali

Yea that was a silly thing to do, but i have a problem with this post. Why do they have to use the word "sistah" "dass" and "he aint got no". I mean just because they are from louisiana does not mean they talk like that. This post is kind of racist.

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