Dad Arrested for Holding 8-Month-Old Daughter in His Arms & Doing WHAT?!

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tyreek langsOkay, there's "take your daughter to work" day, and then there's this. A 23-year-old man was arrested for bringing his baby along for a heroin sale. Police say they found Tyreek Langs on a street trying to sell heroin with his 8-month-old daughter on his hip. Multitasking! At least it was at 3 in the afternoon and not in the middle of the night. He was arrested, of course, and charged with criminal sale of a controlled substance and endangering the welfare of a child.

So ... that was a bad idea. I mean, selling heroin does not exactly put you on the path for long-term economic stability (cough). But bringing your baby along. Good Lord! I don't have to tell you what a terrible idea that is. Tyreek probably knew it was a bad idea himself. But he did it anyway.

Now he has to answer to these two charges. The criminal sale of a controlled substance makes sense. And it does appear that he endangered the welfare of a child. Drug sales can get violent, and you're exposing your child to unstable people. But I wonder -- what is that charge going to do?

It just makes me feel sad because you can see what will follow. The baby is now living with her great-grandmother. How pathetic that not even her own mother can take care of her, or Tyreek's mother. They have to go back three generations to find a responsible adult in this baby's life. It's amazing that Tyreek had possession of the baby at all. It looks like (in his totally effed-up way) he was trying to take responsibility for his daughter.

But he's already blown it. 

Father-daughter relationships are so crucial to a girl's development. This relationship has barely gotten started and it's already broken. I wish there were some way to give Tyreek and his baby a second chance. But Tyreek probably never knew his father, doesn't know what fatherhood looks like, and has no clue how to support himself and a baby. He CLEARLY lacks sound judgment. So he'll probably go to jail for a while, and one more kid will grow up not quite knowing her father.

Do you think Tyreek should face child endangerment charges?


Image via Suffolk County Police Department

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Sarah... SarahHall58

Could have been worse. He could have been molesting her.

zaksm... zaksmommy12

Could you get any more judgemental? Maybe the grandmother works and can't afford to take off and take care of a child that is not hers and the great grandmother doesn't work and had the space. How would you know if his father was in his life or not? Wow. Just wow. What he did was wrong, but what you did with judging him is just terrible.

Leslie C LeBlanc


Religious Outlaw

This is not news, it is not even opinion. This is nothing more than online gossip. I agree with zaksmommy12, what he did was wrong, there is no way I could condone it, but what you did in this piece is even worse. You do not know this man or his family, and you do not know their circumstances. The only way what you did could have been any worse is if you had gone about afterwards bragging about how christian you are.

m0ka3 m0ka3

People will say anything to put the black people down and make it look worse then what it really is..He was stupid for putting hisself in this situation...

Courtney Wild

Guy did something wrong and is paying for it. I hope it only takes once and he can come back and be a responsible father later, although addiction takes its toll and that might not happen. But the horrible journalism on this website is really shocking!! Assuming they had to go back 3 generations to find a suitable caretaker? Did you personally gather facts about his other family? Your ignorant article shows that you are discriminatory, and you need to revisit journalism school.

Awake... Awakened1

This 'article' reeks of stereotyping and presumption. What he did was wrong but this piece is more of a pathetic opinion post. If this qualifies as journalism, I'll get my toddler to contribute to the Stir.

booba... boobasmom

No compassion, nothing but assumptions based on negative racial stereotypes. Not trying to understand what the baby is going through, the grandmother, the mother or the great grandmother. Just more racial ignorance. Even though this man was clearly making bad decisions, the one good decision he made was attempting to care for his child. I didn't read anywhere that the baby was Ill cared for and I'm not going to assume that the baby wasn't based on him being black. Or that there were any signs of abuse or neglect. There are many white fathers who make stupid decisions regarding their children and I have not at any time heard one comment in an article make a statement about him not having known his father. Clearly racially motivated.

nonmember avatar Bobbie

Wow! Mom could have been at eork not knowing this was happening? Your opiniond are messed i grew up fine snd so did my kids sorry a@@ -opinion

schlis schlis

Maybe he was just trying to get money to support his family the only way he knew how. Maybe she needed formula or diapers. Maybe he knew better than to leave a baby home alone. This family doesn't need to be judged, they need help and understanding.

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