Dad Arrested for Holding 8-Month-Old Daughter in His Arms & Doing WHAT?!

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tyreek langsOkay, there's "take your daughter to work" day, and then there's this. A 23-year-old man was arrested for bringing his baby along for a heroin sale. Police say they found Tyreek Langs on a street trying to sell heroin with his 8-month-old daughter on his hip. Multitasking! At least it was at 3 in the afternoon and not in the middle of the night. He was arrested, of course, and charged with criminal sale of a controlled substance and endangering the welfare of a child.

So ... that was a bad idea. I mean, selling heroin does not exactly put you on the path for long-term economic stability (cough). But bringing your baby along. Good Lord! I don't have to tell you what a terrible idea that is. Tyreek probably knew it was a bad idea himself. But he did it anyway.

Now he has to answer to these two charges. The criminal sale of a controlled substance makes sense. And it does appear that he endangered the welfare of a child. Drug sales can get violent, and you're exposing your child to unstable people. But I wonder -- what is that charge going to do?

It just makes me feel sad because you can see what will follow. The baby is now living with her great-grandmother. How pathetic that not even her own mother can take care of her, or Tyreek's mother. They have to go back three generations to find a responsible adult in this baby's life. It's amazing that Tyreek had possession of the baby at all. It looks like (in his totally effed-up way) he was trying to take responsibility for his daughter.

But he's already blown it. 

Father-daughter relationships are so crucial to a girl's development. This relationship has barely gotten started and it's already broken. I wish there were some way to give Tyreek and his baby a second chance. But Tyreek probably never knew his father, doesn't know what fatherhood looks like, and has no clue how to support himself and a baby. He CLEARLY lacks sound judgment. So he'll probably go to jail for a while, and one more kid will grow up not quite knowing her father.

Do you think Tyreek should face child endangerment charges?


Image via Suffolk County Police Department

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