Dad Paralyzed While Saving a Stranger's Drowning Kid Continues to Get a Cruel Deal

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paralyzed Good Samaritan Mike PattersonDoctors in Georgia say a Good Samaritan will likely be paralyzed for the rest of his life after being seriously injured while trying to save a drowning child. Michael Patterson managed to save 4-year-old Jevaeh Jones' life, despite having hit the creekbed so hard that he broke his neck in three places and severed his spine.

Now his own family is without their breadwinner. And to make matters worse, Patterson just started a new job a few weeks ago -- a job he can no longer work at -- so he is without health insurance.

Why is it that bad things always seem to happen to good people?

OK, maybe not ALWAYS.

But don't you ever feel like it's the good guys out there who are always getting knocked down?

According to the Fish Wrap, the Georgia paper that broke this hero's story, Patterson is one of those good guys. Just a few weeks ago, he saw an accident happen, and he ran immediately to help. Then came the drowning incident. He was fishing with his own kid when the little girl, the child of a stranger, went under, and he didn't think twice.

He jumped in and saved a little girl's life. A little girl who wasn't even his own child.

Some would say there aren't enough good guys like Michael Patterson out there.

Maybe they're right.

However, maybe the answer isn't in bemoaning the lack of good guys out there but in doing something FOR those good guys ... becoming one yourself.

There's now a Friends of Mike Patterson Facebook page and efforts to raise money for a trust to cover what will likely be extensive medical bills, plus help support a family that no longer has a working dad.

Because bad things do happen to good people, but good things happen too. We just have to work to make them happen.

Does this story move you to become one of the good guys? What would you have done if you were Michael Patterson?


Image via Friends of Mike Patterson

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LostS... LostSoul88

To become a good guy? So do you assume every one is evil?

I would have done the same thing, maybe not have went head first but I would ahve jumoed in to save a child. 

nonmember avatar Ashley

We live close to where this happened. I feel really bad for him and his family. We are going to send in a donation to help.

LeeshaE LeeshaE

Many people would do this for anyone, including myself. In fact my cousin did the same thing when she thought my son was drowning in a swimming pool (he wasn't) but she ruined a cellphone none the less and my father jumped in a creek and saved a drowning and injured child he did not know. I guess what I am trying to say is shit happens and when jumping into unfamiliar waters go feet first.

nonmember avatar Abby

BTW, it's not an area he was unfamiliar with. This is a common swimming joke in GA and ha had been there multiple times. Yes, other people would have done it abc shot happens, but show done compassion. The man saved a child. Sure, anybody could have done it, but he did. He's now paralyzed. At least pretend you care. Fact is anyone could say I would have dive the same thing, but would you really?

nonmember avatar joy

this is why we have disability and state assistance.

nonmember avatar Samantha

Wow. I can not believe the comments on here. Saying this man should have jumpned in feet split second reaction. He saved a little girl. Lets focus on the fact she is safe. He is a hero. To see some of these comments is just heart breaking. To top it all off his own son saw all of this. Its a sad story all the way around, but please show some respect people.

nonmember avatar Janice

Seriously??? People are going to belittle his decision to dive instead of jump? The man is paralyzed from trying to do a good deed. Maybe you would have jumped in. Maybe you would have done it feet first. Maybe a million different things. But where were you when the little girl was drowning?? You weren't there. He was. He made a mistake. You've never made one? I'm glad there are so many perfect people out there. But be glad you can kick him when he's down. He'll never be able to kick anything ever again, not even a football with his son. I'm sure if he could go back in time and know what he knows now he would jump instead of dive. It all probably happened too fast for him to even think about what was happening. He just jumped into action. I hope you feel wonderful about yourselves. I for one am glad there are people like him out there. I hate how it turned out and would never wish this on anybody. My thoughts and prayers are with him and his family.

nonmember avatar Hope Summers

Yes! He is a smart and brave man! There is a very few of these good people left in this world. By no means im not saying everyone is evil but there is people in this world that would do this kind of thing. Atleast he can say, I saved a little girls life im proud of myself. <3

Valerie Seiden-Ferrara

I know I would do exactly what Michael did. Jump in to save the girl. How could anyone sit there and just watch a child drown? He is a hero in every sense of the word! Everyone, please donate anything you can to this good man. It could have been your child, niece or nephew. We have to help our own!

nonmember avatar Pauline

It typically can take a year or longer to qualify for disability. My sister was bed bound and died waiting to get on hope that he does get alot of help from the community!!

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