Mom Claims Courtroom Cop Molested Her & She Gets Arrested for It (VIDEO)

Family court can be tough enough, but imagine you go to a hearing and are suddenly arrested in front of your crying 2-year-old -- all because you dared to complain that a court marshal brought you into a side room and felt you up and asked you to lift up your shirt. Several employees and managers of Clark County Family Court in Las Vegas are under investigation after the incident, which was all caught on videotape. It often seems to be those who are given a little power who think they're Napoleon, and that seems to be the case with court marshal Ron Fox, who inexplicably arrests mom Monica Contreras because she complains to the judge that Fox had touched her inappropriately.

It all started when Fox suddenly told Contreras, who was only in court for a few minutes on a routine divorce case, to go into a side room for an unexplained drug search. When she comes out of the room, she approaches the judge who had been listening to her case, and tells her that the marshal had touched her inappropriately. She says she had asked him for a female marshal to be present but he had ignored her. The entire time she tries to tell the judge what happened, the judge ignores her and plays with Conteras' child.

Suddenly, the same marshal orders her arrested. A second marshal approaches and tries to put cuffs on her. Contreras is obviously stunned and begins pleading, "For what, sir? Why would I be arrested? Can you please tell me?"

Fox then pipes up and says, "Because of false allegations made against a police officer." There is no such law. A person is allowed to claim assault without being arrested for the claim. Can you imagine the country we'd live in otherwise?!!

She is then told the only way she will avoid jail is by recanting her story. But instead she steps up to a microphone and repeats her story. Good for her!

At this point she is arrested as her daughter wails, "Sir, don't take momma!"

The entire time, the female judge, Patricia Donninger, acts as if she's in a world of her own and doesn't even know what's going on. Not once does she speak to the woman or even the marshals. Contreras is hauled off to jail and her child is sent to child services. I can't imagine how traumatic this was for the girl.

Six months later, the woman's story was validated by an investigation and the marshal Fox was fired. But apparently nothing has happened so far to this hideous judge, who allowed a false arrest right in front of her. She needs to be canned pronto.

You think this kind of thing can't happen in the USA, but it does. Ohhh, it does. Remember the man in solitary confinement for two years over an unproved DUI?

This court is also under investigation for numerous other claims of assault.

Check out the disturbing video:

8 News NOW

Do you think this woman should have been arrested? Have you ever been falsely arrested?

Image via 8 KLAS -TV Las Vegas


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LadyM... LadyMinni

Actually you can be arrested for false accusations. It's cute that you think otherwise.

andy3 andy3

@ladyMinni, In this case it wasn't false. They didn't even make sure it was false before they arrested her.

LostS... LostSoul88

I'm glad the marshal was fired. I hope the mom sues the court (not for millions) 

I am not sure if a judge is allowed to step in and stop an arrest from happening.

nonmember avatar damien

of course it can do know the irs is after people and the nsa is watching you? do...dont you

sugar... sugarmansmom

Ladyminna, come ON.  You cannot be arrested for false accusations unless you knowingly filed a false police report (in which case it is wasting resources, and either way she did NOT) and even then its a misdemeanor.  AND even if you COULD be arrested for false allegations, I cannot imagine where or how it would be prudent to allow the person who has been accussed to make that determination.  It is NOT cute how ill informed you are, or how indignant you are about it.  

You CAN sue for defamation of charactor if an allegation is proven to be false, but that's about it.  

This scumbag court marshall is actually suing for wrongful termination!  And this is not even the first incident at this court of an unreported incident of sexual assault by one of thier officers.  Makes me sick.  

keelh... keelhaulrose

Ladyminni- if they're proven false you can be arrested. But that usually takes more than two minutes. And shouldn't be done by the same officer who was accused, even if there was video proof she was lying, because you don't want an ethical dilemma on your hands.

Let's say the officer took her into the room and she came out with a black eye she didn't have going in and says the officer hit her. There might be a situation that might be false, but it shouldn't be handled by the accused officer. In my situation something obviously happened, would anyone think to call it a false allegation off the bat? However if video came to light showing her falling into a table face-first then she could be arrested for false accusations, but if no definitive proof exists often nothing will happen to either party.

The cop in the original story sounds like he was trying to shut her up.

LadyM... LadyMinni

I'm sorry, I misread the article. I thought she had gone official with it. No, you can't be arrested for just saying someone did something they didn't -that violates the First Amendment. Once the complaint is filed and it is proven false you can be arrested, you'll probably face a misdemeanor as sugarmansmom said, but then you can be taken to civil court and sued for it. It varied state by state, but in SC you'll get a way harsher penalty for making a false accusation against a cop.

I wonder if he had a history of this? They need to go back in his file and investigate.


nonmember avatar Tom

Please don't let this story die! The judge and both officers need to face criminal charges!

nonmember avatar Tom

Ladyminni, your mea culpa doesn't ease my questions about how often you puke snarky stupidity because you "misread" something. Have your crap together before opening your face hole.

nonmember avatar phoenix

LadyMini idiot, even if she had gone public, that still isn't illegal. Knowingly filing a false report is illegal, that's all. Saying something an officer says isn't true is not illegal. Saying something nobody believes isn't illegal. Saying something that all the judges and officers in the world says is wrong isn't illegal. It has to be proven that you are lying. That's it.

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