Groom Killed on Wedding Day in Car Crash Was a War Vet & a Hero (VIDEO)

groom killedBrian Orzechowski served three tours in Iraq and one in Afghanistan, but it was a car accident on his wedding day in Georgia that took his life. The groom was killed in the crash when the vehicle he was driving crossed into another lane and struck a car -- his new bride and the driver of the other car are in fair condition. No alcohol was in either driver's system, and so far, no charges have been pressed.

Just hours before the incident, Brian had married Crystal Krentler in a lovely backyard ceremony. The two were childhood friends who eventually found love -- they were on their way to a lake resort to celebrate that love when the crash occurred.

It's heartbreaking.

How can a man spend years in a war zone, literally staring death in the face every day, then have this happen? It seems so unfair. It was supposed to be one of the best days of his life, and it looks like it was, up until the horrible accident.

Brian's mother is understandably distraught -- she told local news that she keeps calling his phone to get his voicemail, just so she can hear his voice.

There's a lot to grapple with here, and I'm sure Brian's family and friends are questioning everything right now. Why Brian? Why now? Why on his wedding day, of all days?

I suppose a silver lining might be that he was able to marry Crystal and died as her husband. I can't imagine the healing process she'll have to go through, but at least they had their special day together.

A Facebook tribute page has been set up in Brian's memory.

What do you think?


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LostS... LostSoul88

How heart breaking. That poor woman... I hope she recovers fast both physically and emotionally. Nothing will bring back the love og her life. i hoope she has plenty of family and friends to turn to.

Jan Daniels

as heartbreaking and tragic as this story is I really think the author could have finished the story with a little more compassion. To say well "at least they had their special day together" really Lindsay Mannering? The wording just didnt sit well with me.

Joy Zerwas

So very sad!!!

snowb... snowbunny706_1

The driver of the other car Was charged with DUI and he also had an open container. The bride has been in an induced coma since it happened. Very sad, they're waiting for her to wake up before they bury her husband. 

Austi... Austinsmommy12

Reminds me of another story in Georgia. Tara and Megan Bishop were sisters, and were both killed while driving to the older sister's wedding rehearsal. The groom requested she be buried in her wedding dress since he hadn't gotten to see her in it yet. One family lost both of their girls in a senseless act of drunk driving. God bless the family of this man, and his wife. Hopefully justice will be served if the other driver was in fact under the influence.

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