Deer With the Doritos Bag Stuck on Your Head: Been There, Done That (PHOTO)


deer doritos bagIf you've ever found yourself neck deep in a bag of chips, you'll be able to sympathize with this poor guy. An endangered species of Key deer was discovered early Sunday morning in Big Pine Key, Florida, with a bag of Doritos over its head. Deputy Joshua Gordon snapped a photo of the animal before removing the bag and watching the deer scamper off back into the woods.

Key deer usually nosh on mangroves and palm berries ... no wonder this little fella went to town on the savory snack. Perhaps he'd seen the Doritos Super Bowl commercial in which his goat brothers enjoyed the nacho-cheese flavored chips?

This is the second time in a week where animals have acted like humans. A bear in Canada was filmed breaking into a truck by opening its doors, and now this: a deer with a taste for Doritos.

Here's hoping this guy doesn't make his way to a Taco Bell. Those Doritos Locos shells would be gone like that.


Photo via Joshua Gordon/Monroe County Sheriff's Office



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nonmember avatar Kristi

Great now even our deer are going to be obese....

Desirae8 Desirae8

That is really sad. Not funny or cute at all.

ollie... olliespunkma

Agree Desirea8 just sad and another example of nasty pollution cant people clean up after themseves.

blunt... bluntcakes

^ exactly what I was thinking. Geez people need to learn to clean up after themselves. This is funny and cute but its very sad at the same time.

Victo... Victoria0785

Poor Bambi! People really need to clean up after themselves. What if this poor ENDANGERED deer had freaked out and ran into the road causing an accident that could have killed it and the people in the car!

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