Boy Found Dead in Hotel Room Where Mysterious Deaths Keep Happening

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hotel corridorA young boy was found dead in a hotel room over the weekend, his mother unconscious beside him. Cops are investigating whether little Jeffrey Lee Williams could have died of carbon monoxide poisoning, and they say he's not the first to die in the room at the North Carolina Best Western: two adults died there in the last two months.

And here you thought the scariest thing lurking in a hotel room were the germs on that comforter?

According to police in Boone, North Carolina, the boy and his mother, Jeannie Williams, were found unresponsive in the room on the second floor on Saturday afternoon. The 11-year-old was dead, his mom rushed to a hospital in a coma. She came around on Sunday and is reportedly in stable condition.

Cops don't suspect foul play in the child's death, but they do want to know if it can be linked to that of an elderly couple found dead in the same exact room back in April.

If it can be, you know what that means.

This hotel could be in a heap of trouble. Or maybe it's "should" be?

A ton of signs are pointing to carbon monoxide here. The scary thing about this deadly gas is that it's colorless and odorless. It can be lingering in a room, and you'd never know it.

I know this all too well. It was in my house, and the levels were low enough that my detector never sounded ... but high enough that blood tests showed I was moderately poisoned.

But as the old saying goes, fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

This hotel saw two people die in a room. It was up to them to investigate the occurrence to the fullest extent and ensure they weren't putting guests in danger. That means addressing everything -- whether it was related to the couple's deaths or not.

In a way, their deaths offered a tragic but unique opportunity to double and triple check everything in that room to make sure the hotel was doing things right.

Fast forward two months, and that should have been the safest room in the entire hotel.

But evidently it wasn't.

A child died in that room, somehow. And someone will have to answer for it.

With the history of the room, it's not hard to say who will be the first target.

Do you think the hotel has some culpability here?

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LostS... LostSoul88

Yes I do. They should have done an autopsy on the elderly couple and figured out WHY they died instead of assume they died of old age. They should have closed down that room until the knew why. They should also have fire detectors and CO detectors in every single room. 

That poor mom. My heart goes out to her. 

keelh... keelhaulrose

I was once living in an apartment that got condemned for multiple violations, including a carbon monoxide leak in the basement. I lived on the top floor, and my windows were usually open, so I didn't get much, but I did notice that shortly after I moved out I had more energy. (Though, to be fair that could have been the mold... or the lack of bad neighbors)

nonmember avatar phoenix

Was it room 1408 by any chance?

nonmember avatar Rob

Horse crap. Mystery is mystery, if its a mystery to you and to police, it's a mystery to the hotel also. They aren't being malicious so ease up off their backs about. I suppose all of your readers are just perfect!


It's been 6 years, but I've stayed in a Best Western in Boone, NC.

Megan Cady Graham

i think that if they do end up finding carbon monoxide in that room, that that hotel WILL have a couple of law suits on their hands.  i worked housekeeping before, at the hotel company that i worked for, we had CO2 detectors in the hallways, every 5 or 6 rooms, and 1 in each room.  its a safety precaution so that something like this doesn't ever happen.

nonmember avatar Susie

" A child died in that room. And someone will have to answer for it. "

I think that ANYONE died in that room needs to be seen to. Child, elderly, whatever.

Lori Testy

Maybe it's haunted! First I'd say not let anyone else stay in that room anymore. Get it tested and see if it is carbon monoxide. I'm sure the hotel could afford to do that. yes, they are responsible for what happens there. It happened more than once so apparently there is something going on there. if that's not it, then call a paranormal group to investigate it.  You never know!

Lori Testy

phoenix, why did you say room 1408? Is that something to do with it maybe being haunted?

nonmember avatar Mary

Yes, I think the hotel is responsible. They should've stopped renting the room until they knew why two perfectly well people walked in and then dropped dead.

Lori, 1408 is movie with John Cusack about a haunted room that kills anyone who stays in it.

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