Ariel Castro's Indictment Contains Shocking New Details About Cleveland Kidnappings (VIDEO)

Ariel Castro Amanda Berry

Ariel Castro has been indicted by a grand jury in the kidnapping case of three women whom he allegedly held in his house in Cleveland, Ohio for over a decade. One of the women, Amanda Berry, gave birth to Castro's child. The 142-page indictment has 329 charges, including 139 counts of rape, 177 counts of kidnapping, and two acts of aggravated murder for miscarriages that he is accused of causing deliberately. The indictment contains several shocking new details about what went on in the house before the women were freed last month.

Some horrific allegations in the indictment include:

- Michelle Knight, the first to be kidnapped, was impregnanted four times by Ariel Castro. Previously reports said that Knight miscarried after being repeatedly kicked in the stomach by Castro.

- The first day of her kidnapping, Michelle was restrained in an upstairs room. She was then moved to the basement and chained to a pole. He raped her the next day.

- Amanda Berry was the second to be abducted. Castro taped her legs and mouth and raped her after she tried to escape. She was then chained in the basement. The next day, he chained her to a heater in a bedroom.

- The same day as her kidnapping, Castro wrapped a vacuum cord around Berry's neck and assaulted her.

- Gina DeJesus was the third victim. Castro raped her in an upstairs bathroom on her first day in captivity.

More charges are pending.

After ten years of torture, I can't imagine how they could indict Castro for every single alleged crime perpetrated against these poor women, but undoubtedly there's enough to keep him in prison for the rest of his natural life, which hopefully will be a short one.

The prosecutor is still trying to decide whether to ask for the death penalty, which would be unprecedented, since none of the women were killed.

Do you think Castro deserves the death penalty?


Image via WKYC

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mande... manderspanders

Not only does he deserve the death penalty, justice should be swift and public.  Monsters like these don't deserve the amenities of sitting in prison, they don't need time to reflect or repent... they just need to be disposed of for the better of society.

I hope to hell some liberal elitist doesn't come on here and think that Ariel Castro is entitled to any kind of right or defense otherwise.  Those women were tortured for years; their lives stolen away... no one protected them from him.

AniAngel AniAngel

Yes he's a monster but that doesn't mean he is not entitled to any rights or defense. One does not have to become the monster to punish one. 

notdo... notdown4games

@mander............ my political leanings tend to be liberal. That being said this man is horrible. He disgusts me. The things he did are inexcusable, and for lack of a better word, evil. His actions are morally reprehensible. These poor women have suffered unspeakably. I hope he's punished to the fullest extent of the law (and I'm talking death penalty). I'm sure others who identify as liberals will bash me for that, but its how I feel.

Happy... Happydad73

I am very conservative and I believe he does deserve a defense lawyer and a day in court simply out of respect for the rule of law. On the other hand I hope that rule of law crushes this monster and he gets the death penalty for his most henious of actions against 3 innocent women and who knows how many mudered babies.

Marcella Shambles

It is things like this that make me wish carrying out the death penalty wasn't more expensive then life in prison.  We all know he's guilty, but he still deserves his day in court, and then a quick bullet to the head.  Liberal or Consertive (or both like me) we need to be careful when fighting monsters, a monster we don't become.......

Mommy... Mommynwife26

I think he needs to be in gen pop for a while and find out what's it like to be rapped and beaten daily.

Carte... Cartersmom101

NO WAY!!!! That's the easy way out....let him sit in prison and be beaten and raped for the rest of his natural life. We euthanize animals out of mercy, the death penalty would be too merciful.

Laurie Palmer

I don't believe in the death penalty, but I would gladly make an exception in this case. Even if he doesn't get the death penalty, chances are he will be murdered by one of the other prisoners (given his crime).  He is one sick SOB!

Jenn Jabber Hughes

Are you saying since the three girls were not murdered that he shouldn't get the death penalty? I am really hoping I read that wrong.. he murdered their innocence, their childhood, ten years of their lives, their ability to see a doctor, and he is going to be charged with causing miscarriages.. murdering innocent babies that he didn't give a choice to, didn't give their mother a choice in having them. After that many miscarriages do we even know if she can still have children? cause if not, he murdered her chance in birthing a child of her own. I have to say I think those women were incredibly brave and strong.. after going thru all those tortures if he didn't kill me I don't know if I would survive back in the real world.. Which I believe is what is happening to Michelle now, I hope she can live with all she has been thru and reunite with her family and old friends.

prplecat prplecat

Neesha, why should we kill his mother?  Did she do something that I haven't heard about?  Other than give birth to a male?

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