Dad Sentenced for Abuse of Daughter But a Family Culture of Torture Led to Her Death

david martin deal They say abusive patterns are passed down through families. A father has been sentenced for abuse following the death of his 10-year-old daughter. But the dad, David Martin Deal, wasn't even the one who killed Ame Deal in Phoenix, Arizona. Other relatives (Ame's cousin and her husband, who pled not guilty) were accused of stuffing her into a footlocker, where she suffocated. But the girl's father has been sentenced to 14 years in prison for attempted child abuse from an incident a year earlier.

David says he put Ame in a plastic box and threw the box into a swimming pool -- A year before her death at the hands of her relative. Ame's then-legal guardian and aunt Cynthia Stoltzmann pleaded guilty for abusing Ame as well. In all, six family members were arrested in connection with Ame's death. Two plead not guilty. It sounds like poor Ame was surrounded by abusive adults and had nowhere to go.

Ame suffocated to death when she was put in a footlocker and left in the Arizona heat two years ago. Her crime: Taking a popsicle without asking. Meanwhile, her grandmother, Judith Deal, has been accused of putting hot sauce in Ame's mouth for punishment, hitting her with a paddle, and also shutting her up in the plastic footlocker as punishment. But police say the footlocker confinement discipline was started by her father, David.

This breaks my heart. The poor girl was surrounded by abusive adults. I bet the grandmother dealt out harsh punishments to her children, and they're just following her example. David's excuse was that Ame had mental problems that provoked her family members. He also once denied being Ame's father. Honestly, the girl never stood a chance. Where was child protection services? Why did she stay with her family after that other incident of abuse? Did no one look into the rest of her family?

What a sick family. I haven't even told you everthing else these people allegedly did to Ame. What do you do with such people? Lock them up, one by one, after they've already inflicted damage. How depressing. I guess you could say at least Ame is out of their reach now, but that's cold comfort. She deserved to live her life in peace, just like any other child.

Do you think Ame Deal's family members knew what they were doing was wrong?


Image via Maricopa County


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daydr... daydreamer6170

its sad that i actually find comfort in knowing shes passed. at least her suffering is over. this entire family should face some old fashoined punishment and torture...i doubt theyre gonna take it as good as they gave it.

LostS... LostSoul88

Thw ehole family needs to be stuffed in a small box and dropped in the ocean. 

nonmember avatar Megan

I question why the little girl wasn't removed from the environment after the initial incident, rather somebody in the Justice System dropped the ball and it allowed a little girl to be tortured to death. Our babies are our future we need to focus on that as communities if something doesn't look or feel right somebody should speak up, I'm sure there was signs but nobody wanted to see them. People like this should suffer!

older... oldermomat41

I live in the Phoenix area and remember when this story broke. I personally do not give a fuck if these adults were abused or they themselves suffer from mental disorders. Lock them all up and justice will be served within the walls of prison and each of them will deserve it. 

Victoria JW Meyers

You know, the reason child abuse is wrong is not JUST because it inflicts undue pain and suffering now, but because of the serious effects that continue long into the future. I question this weird turn of events, will they now go after this Dad's father too? Maybe they should trace all abuse back to the source, but the thing is if you do that you just have to keep tracing it back and back. I think the real reason for this particular conviction is simple, it's about money. The prison system and the industry needs prisoners to stay in business. What makes sense is NOT more prosecution but real education, and prevention. 

Crystal Fletcher

sick people they should be put to death. so many sick people in this world

Eileen Marsh

yes they should be put to death ,but put to death like that poor little girl was ,stuff them in something to suffacate them like she had to die.If more poeple were killed like they kill their victims maybe there would be less crime . For stealing a popsicycle ?assholes anyways ,hope they all rot in hell ,there are people out there that want children sooo badly ,put the child up for adoption before you totally ruin their  lives  ,she didnt ask to be born ,what to be born to be abused ? damn people anyways . Rest in peace Ame you didnt deserve this ,but at least you dont have to face them abusers no more .

Rache... RachelsMercy

Honestly, there are PLENTY of people who are abused, or who witness domestic violence as children and they grow up and DO NOT abuse their kids or spouses. Most people know right from wrong, they know it's illegal to abuse or molest their kids, they know it is harmful to their kids, but they LOVE their kids, and THEY DON'T DO IT. THEY LOVE THEIR KIDS AND DON'T DO IT. Flat out. Most of the monsters who rape, abuse, and murder kids know it is wrong, they know (whether from experience or not) that it hurts their children, physically, emotionally, and more, and they CHOOSE to do it. Most of them could NOT DO IT, they could NOT ALLOW others to do it, and they CHOOSE not to. Some people are just sick, and evil. It's not about a cycle of abuse, it's about some people are genetically evil and they birth genetically evil spawn.

momma... momma_2013

where her mother at when all this is happing to this poor child.... kill them all

adopt... adoption2013

Of course they knew it was wrong.  They had someone you pick on and enjoyed hurting her.

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