Mother Shoots 9-Year-Old Son & Her Excuse Is Outrageous

A mother has been arrested and charged with doing the unthinkable -- she allegedly shot her 9-year-old boy five times while he lay peacefully sleeping in bed. She then turned the gun on herself, but she survived and is in the hospital. Lisa Marie Lesyshen of Colorado reportedly confessed to the killing. And you won't believe the "reason" she gave for doing it. She also reportedly left a note on her son's bed that said, "Remember you are responsible for what has happened here and you are the person that caused it." She then signed it with her name and the name of her son, Asher. The note was directed to her husband, the boy's father.

Reportedly the couple were separated and sleeping in separate bedrooms at the time of the killing. The father woke to the sound of gunshots and ran into his son's room to find his wife standing over his bed with a gun.

She then apparently went to her own room and tried to kill herself, but somehow survived it. She also allegedly threatened to kill her husband but didn't.

Police say that the mom confessed to the crime. And they also reportedly have proof she bought the gun two days before her son's murder -- and even asked the employee who sold her the gun to show her how to load it.

Love can turn tragic. It has since it's existed. It happens every day, all over the world. You can be a perfectly normal person who does something absolutely horrific because of emotional pain, selfishness, greed, all kinds of emotions. That isn't to say you don't have mental issues too, but let's not absolve people of the responsibility of learning to control themselves. 

These days we like to put the blame on mental illness for everything, and we don't give enough credence to the old-fashioned idea that human beings are capable of crazy, unbelievable, unthinkable acts because they simply get to a point where they can't control their thoughts. This is a horrific, unspeakable crime -- but clearly she was doing it out of revenge on her husband. And that isn't so uncommon. Ever hear of Medea?

If the reports are correct, she wanted revenge on her husband. Plain and simple. And there is nothing the husband could have done to justify this monstrous act of betrayal to her own innocent child.

Do you think she was mentally ill or wanted revenge?



Image via KUSA-TV

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kelly... kelly24019

I think you may have typed your title to this story wrong

nonmember avatar kaerae

Seriously, people, have your 5-year-old edit these before you put them up...

nonmember avatar Theresa

Mental illness has been an excuse too for too long. I have suffered with mental illness since I was 25 years old (I'm, 42 now), and not once have I ever, EVER, thought of taking someone else's life, especially that of my daughter or any other member of my family. Stop using mental illness as a crutch

Vegeta Vegeta

There's a big difference between an actual mental illness and doing something stupid in a high surge of emotion. She was separating from her husband and probably felt completely trapped and hopeless (ie: not using logic to think of a constructive plan). Example: we would all say a normal person wouldent smasht their laptop, probably full of important documents and pictures. Yes? Ok, now add on that this normal person has 5 term papers to write due in a few days, works 50 hours a week, broke up with their so, and has a sick toddler. now add in the computer decided to restart and nothing was autosaved. All 40+ pages gone. This normal person is now not thinking with logical reason, as they beat the computer to death with a golf club. This will only make things worse, but at the time it's the only thing that makes sense.

Sidenote, don't shoot your kids. And don't blame the freaking store employee for only doing his job.

Austi... Austinsmommy12

Fry her ass. Too bad she's gonna sit in prison getting three square meals a day and a bed. There's a special place in Hell for people like her.

cherylam cherylam

I don't understand how any mother, however p.o.ed you are at your husband, could harm your own child. Just don't understand. Being that this was obviously revenge, she's got nothing coming, mo pity, no support, nada.

Ann Adams

I think most of these horrible crimes (and they're all too common) are caused by rage, not insanity.  In the city where I live, a women came home from early morning exercise to find her teenagers and and a much younger child dead at the hand of her ex-husband (who killed himself and saved the state the cost of a trial).  Our community was heartbroken.  I always say if you're going to kill yourself, do it before, not after you kill someone else.


Venae Venae

Weird how people who "try" to commit suicide after killing their children somehow never get it right, isn't it? 



Hope Yates

I don't actually see an excuse here. She blamed the husband but doesn't say why. There is no reason to harm your child that will ever be good enough,but kill yourself,fine.

Cherie' Sublett Dugan

really? yall are forgetting the story because of the headline? This poor child died because of a horrible excuse of a human! Get your crap together ppl!!! ALL of you!

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