Sailor Surprises Mom With Over-the-Top Disney World Homecoming (VIDEO)

mom surprised at disney world by son sailorWe've enjoyed a treasure trove of wonderful military surprises lately, especially since it was recently Mother's Day and Memorial Day! Of course, our servicemen and women do everything they can to be with their dear sweet mamas to celebrate. And I mean everything.

Consider what happened earlier this month at Disney World's Hollywood Studios. A Navy mom was in the crowd of a street show, innocently snapping photos, when one of the actors asked how many women out there were mothers. Tons of hands went up, of course, but when asked how many kids they all had, only the Navy mom could say she had five. In turn, she was pulled into the show -- which wouldn't have been complete without a certain "extra."

Check it out ...


... I can't even! I absolutely adore how this was staged and appears to have been such a team effort. I mean, how awesome is it that these Disney cast members orchestrated what is sure to become a memory of a lifetime?

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Sure, a more intimate surprise could have been just as incredible, but to see one go down on such a grand scale like this -- in front of a happy crowd -- and with what looks like the whole, big family present. Wow. This knock-your-socks off homecoming surprise is something I have a feeling this mom, her son, and their family won't soon forget.

How sweet is this?


Image via Roy McLeod/YouTube

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