Jealous Woman Caught Giving Boyfriend Evil Eye After Seeing Another Couple Get Engaged (PHOTO)

engagement ringI have a feeling that for every big, elaborate, heartstring-pulling marriage proposal that takes place, there's someone looking on with less than warm and fuzzy feelings. Most likely because they're frustrated with their noncommittal, feet-dragging partner who can't seem to get around to dropping to one knee. Okay, sure, you could say they're being self-absorbed or nutty, but getting jealous over even a stranger's proposal is totally human! And it happens all the time.

Just take this hilarious photo posted to Reddit, in which you can clearly see a cute couple getting engaged at Wednesday night's Tigers-Pirates baseball game. After Redditor ryanfx posted the original photo on the site in hopes that someone who knew the happy couple would see it and pass it along, another user, YborCtyAlmstKilledMe, couldn't help but notice the woman in the lower left corner who appears to be giving her boyfriend the stink eye over the proposal.

Check it out ...


it should have been me proposal baseball game

HAAA! I can't help but crack up, because I have so been there. These days, I am a happy, relaxed Mrs., but rewind to a year and a half ago, and the woman in the above photo could have very easily been me. It seemed like everyone was getting engaged. People who had been together one-third as long as we had. People who were 10 years younger than us. People who had no business getting engaged before us -- like Kim Kardashian! (Just kidding, I didn't really get jealous of someone who managed to get engaged, married, and divorced in less than a year.)

It's not even that I was jealous of the happy soon-to-be weds themselves. I was thrilled for our close friends who would soon be tying the knot. But their happy moment was just another reminder that the clock's ticking, time's marchin' on, and people are moving on with the next chapter in their lives ... Thus, every time, I would look at my then-BF/now-DH like, "You have to be kidding me. What are you waiting for, the Apocalypse?" (Thankfully, we did get engaged well before December 21, 2012. Just in case the world was gonna end that day.) But no, no, he was only waiting for the right moment. (Which I then kinda ruined.)

So, to all you single ladies finding yourself responding to other people's engagements by shooting a dirty look at your guy, have no shame. You are fine, he is most likely being a pain in the ass, but hopefully, he'll get the picture and pop the question -- sooner rather than later!

How funny is this pic? Can you relate?


Images via Maressa Brown & Reddit

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