Wild Bucket List Attempt Lands 2 Lifelong Best Friends in Jail

listIt's like something out of Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, or Thelma & Louise, or a Curb episode: two lifelong best friends wanted to check "retail theft" off their bucket list, so they hit up their local Walmart in Florida to do the deed. Andrea Mobley, 36, started eating some beef jerky while Jennifer Denise Morrow, 38, put a bathing suit on under her clothes. When the two went to exit the store without paying, loss prevention stopped them and called the cops. It's unconfirmed whether "prison" was also on their bucket list, but they ended up in jail.


They were held on $250 bond and released a few hours later.

It doesn't sound like the bonding experience they were hoping for, though. Marrow told the judge that she hadn't wanted to do it, that it was Mobely's idea, but she went along with it.

When the Ocala paper reached Mobley for comment, she said it was Marrow's idea. "I'm ashamed of this whole situation," Mobley said. "She said it would be all right."

You'd think they'd be able to have a big laugh over the situation, but it sounds like there's a lot of finger-pointing and she-said, she-said going on. Bucket list backfire.

Maybe next time the friends will stick to more legal items when making their before-death to-do lists. Perhaps they'd like to swim with dolphins, eat M&M's 'til they throw up, volunteer at a homeless shelter, or take a trip to Africa.

One thing's for sure, though: Marrow and Mobley can now cross "retail theft", "jail", and "get mentioned in Stir blog post" off their bucket list.

Congrats, ladies!

What's on your bucket list?


Photo via Wertz Sebastien/Flickr

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