New Video Shows What Boston Bombing Suspects Did Hours Before the Bombings (VIDEO)

tsarnaev brothers gymA new video has surfaced giving us more insight into the Boston bombers' relationship. The video shows Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev at the gym -- just three days before before the bombing. And it's weird how clearly it illustrates everything we've been learning about these two -- and yet reveals no clue about what they're about to do.

Tamerlan is definitely the dominant brother, and he's not just bossy with Dzhokhar. He's pushy with others, too. Dzhokhar comes across as way less confident, but also a bit nicer. He follows the rules without a fuss. But beyond that, it's eerie to see what they were up to mere hours before they unleashed so much destruction.


The brothers enter the gym together (a martial arts studio) and are asked to remove their shoes. A reasonable request, right? Dzhokhar removes his shoes immediately without saying a word. And really, looking at him, I can't help thinking that if he'd just had a different brother, he NEVER would have become a terrorist. He's still responsible for his actions, but he's a follower, you know?

Tamerlan, on the other hand, is a total asshole about removing his shoes. He refuses, and he gets into an argument with the manager, who later tries to get him banned from the gym. I mean, really? You HAVE to keep your shoes on? He must have been in a real F-you state of mind to take issue with that.

Then, in the gym, Tamerlan is at a machine with the jump rope while Dzhokhar kind of fumbles with his too-big shorts. Those too-big shorts really say it all. He was trying to fit into his big brother's mold, but he just didn't fit. And here we are now -- the Terminator brother with the attitude and laser focus was the one who died. And the brother who was just following orders survived.

As obnoxious as Tamerlan is in the video, though, you'd never know he and his brother were about to unleash bombs at the Boston Marathon in mere hours. This still looks like an ordinary day at the gym. And that's probably the scariest part of this video.

Do you think you can ever spot a terrorist just from watching them going about their day?


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