Cereal Commercial With Mixed Race Family Sparks Backlash on Internet (VIDEO)

Cheerios commercial just checkingI feel an Adam Levine moment coming on! Yes, sometimes I hate this country too. I hate that people with sick minds and dirty souls come crawling out on the Internet to sully even the most beautiful things. Take the "controversial" Cheerios commercial featuring interracial parents and their delicious daughter talking about heart health and breakfast cereal.

The Just Checking ad is beautiful. The hateful YouTube comments on the commercial referring to Nazis, racial genocide, and accusing the (fictional!) black father of planning to leave his (again, FAKE) family are not.


America, this is why we can't have nice things. Because of hateful troglodytes that scurry out of their deep dark caves to pee in our Cheerios -- sometimes literally.

And yet! While the Internet rants along with me today, I want to say something I'm not hearing enough of. I want to say thank you to Cheerios and to parent company General Mills. I want to say thank you to ad creator Saatchi and Saatchi. 

Thank you for making this commercial of a cute little girl, of a Mommy, and a Daddy, that shows real America, an America where the melting pot idea upon which we were founded is finally being realized in delivery rooms every day. Kids don't care what race Mommy or Daddy are; they just want love. That's what this ad is about. Just watch:

Alright, alright, it's really about selling us cereal.

But it's not selling cereal to white people or to black people. It's just selling cereal to people.

We need more ads that sell stuff to plain old people.

Think about it. Marketing has saturated just about every plane of American life. We can't escape it. So we need to leverage it. Use the marketing to make a difference.

If our kids are being sold a bill of goods every time they turn around, at the very least it can be a bill of goods wrapped up in a bow printed with the equality symbol.

The more places we see the new normal, the harder it becomes for the trolls to make their case ... or at least to find more followers to join their ugly hate parade.

So thank you to Cheerios today. They reminded us that for all the hate there is in this world, there's a way to combat it too.

What is your reaction to the Cheerios commercial?


Image via Cheerios/YouTube

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