Missing Mom of Triplets Found Dead 2 Years From the Day She Vanished

Jacque Sue WallerWhen Jacque Sue Waller, a Missouri mother of triplets, went missing two years ago, the disappearance set off a massive search. Now, nearly two years to the day the mother of three young children vanished, she has been found. But not in the way anyone would have wanted. Her body was found in an undisclosed location.

Waller, 39, was last seen June 1, 2011, after meeting with her husband, Clay, as part of their divorce negotiations. As the busy mom of 7-year-old triplets, Waller had her hands full in many ways, but one of her major stresses appears to have been fear. She told friends and family that she feared for her life. Now, her once husband has been charged with her murder after he allegedly told his own father that he had murdered Waller and dumped her body in a hole.

Heartbreaking. In so many ways. Of course, it's always the husband in cases like these, whether it's Laci Peterson or Susan Powell.


Obviously, marriage is often fraught with issues, especially when there are three children involved and money issues. There can be huge fights and drama and hard times even in the best marriages. But what is leading these men to kill? Why are so many women afraid for their lives and why are they not being protected? How can we protect them?

Every time I hear that old "it's always the husband" cliche, I wonder this. As a society, there has to be more that can be done. Restraining orders aren't the answer clearly (look at how many women are killed after taking one out) and neither is speaking openly about the issues. Susan Powell made a VIDEO saying she feared for her life and she is still dead.

No. There has to be something else. Something we haven't thought of. Some way that women can be protected from the people who vowed to honor and protect THEM. It's maddening. And tragic. And so, so wrong.

It's easy enough to ask why a woman would marry a violent man. But not all women know right away. People change throughout a relationship and marital fighting can bring out a side in some that hadn't come out before. 

In the end, none of this will save Waller. She is gone. But we can take the lessons from her case and so many cases like hers, and we can think about what changes we can make as a society to prevent this from happening again.

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What things do you think can be done to protect women from violent spouses?

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