Star Quarterback Dies Weeks Before High School Graduation

Shak PersheyReally sad news out of North Carolina today. The body of the Southwest Onslow High School star quarterback Shak Pershey, 19, was found off North Topsail Beach. His young life was clipped short. Right at the start of high school graduation season, when parents and students, should be celebrating the transition from high school to bigger and better things, this promising young man's family and friends are faced with tragedy. It's almost too much to bear.

Authorities believe Pershey drowned due to rough waters or some sort of cross current. He and friends were swimming off the coast when, friends say, Pershey disappeared underwater about 100 yards off the shore. His body was found the next morning.

Pershey helped his team win the Class 1AA state football championship in December and would have graduated on June 11. He was to attend Chowan University where he was going to play college football.

Our hearts go out to Pershey's friends and family and the whole Southwest Onslow High School community.

Are you attending a high school graduation soon? Will this story be on your mind when you attend?


Image via Southwest Onslow Stallions Facebook

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nonmember avatar damien

i dont know what being a football player has to do with it..we had three kids die in a car accident around here last week... but rest in peace

SuzyB... SuzyBarno

Gosh, horrible story. Last year we actually had a high school senior with a full ride football scholarship basically drop dead during PE a few weeks before graduation. It was really really sad! Then entire dance team and football team witnessed him trying to be revived. Turns out he had an undisguised heart condition that ended his life due to obesity(he was Samoan). Super sad.

nacho... nachoqtpie

It's not Southwest Onslow High School.... It's just Southwest High School. He got caught in a rip tide. Being from the area we ALL know about rip tides. This is a military town and every year we have at least 1 Marine get caught in rip tides. Some make it out, some don't. There are no lifeguards on the beaches, and even if there were, you can't save someone from a rip tide.

nonmember avatar Missy

I'll be at that beach this summer. My boys make me nervous going out too far in the water.

lobus lobus

I live in N topsail I thought he was jet skiing without a life jacket...I don't go into the ocean past my knees I see sharks swim in inches deep water not to mention those currents they are strong. But when I was a kid I went into the ocean all the time. Its just a very unfortunate accident...RIP.

kisse... kisses5050

THere will be many kids that dont make it to college... Four in Ohio, Indianapolis, one in virgina  from a peanut allergy, shiprock, lawrence kansas, Sorry to say...this kid is newsworthy because??

daydr... daydreamer6170

kisses, if u dont find it newsworthy then dont read it. i dont understand why certain commenters come to this site just to bitch about the site...

kisse... kisses5050


 "u" find that "bitching"?   I simply am inquiring why the author felt this death was any more newsworthy than any other death of a teen this time of year?  If you want "bitching" keep coming at me with your silliness and I can take you to a place that your nightmares feel like a soft place fall. Then  "u" will understand"i" can bitch and maybe will understand the difference between an observation and bitch.

Heath... HeatherMazzone

Pretty sure Kisses5050 suffers from mental illness.

Tamika Beatty

Hello all. I am the first cousin of this young man in this piece. kisses5050; We all have our own thoughts on what may be considered news. This story or life of my family is news. It is very difficult to fathom that Shak is no longer with us. His life may not mean much to you, but he meant the world to us. I find it refreshing that this is a positive representation of a "Young Black Man". His death was not due to a shoot out, his life was not enthralled with drugs, he came from a two parent home. So no this story doesn't reflect those others who have passed; due to drownings, or a host of other things. This story was meant to give our family a sense; that not only does his family love him. So does others. Have a Blessed Day. And if you do nothing else remember others from my family who will do as I have; just searching the internet for stories of Shak Pershey. Might run into a person such as yourself and not be so nice. I do understand this is a forum of free speech and I appreciate that. Please take into consideration that there are people grieving.

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