Jodi Arias Jury Foreman Reveals 'Gut-Wrenching' Details Behind the Deadlock (VIDEO)

The penalty phase of the Jodi Arias trial was declared a mistrial because the jury couldn't come to a unanimous decision on whether she should receive life in prison or the death penalty. If I were Jodi right about now I'd be thanking my lucky stars that whomever on the jury didn't want to give me the needle stood their ground! When the judge read the non-verdict, reportedly three women cried and one of them mouthed, "I'm sorry" to the family of Travis Alexander. I guess we know what team she was on. The jury foreman has also spoken out for the first time about what happened behind chamber doors -- and it's not what you'd expect.

Jury foreman William Zervakos said the jury deliberations were "gut-wrenching." He said that he believes Jodi's 18 days on the stand hurt her because there were so many conflicting stories and she was "not a good witness." Let's face it, Jodi is not a sympathetic character. There's a reason that the brilliant Jose Baez kept Casey Anthony off the stand -- he knew her unlikability would probably seal her fate. Even the judge said Casey was acquitted because everyone liked Jose, not Casey.

No one liked Jodi. So to keep pushing her in the jurors' faces day after day after day ... insanity! And yet there were enough people on the jury who didn't want to put her to death that she is saved -- for now. Reportedly, there was more than one or two hold-outs for life.

But the foreman, at least, believed some of Jodi's story. He said he did think that she was mentally and verbally abused by Travis. He told Good Morning America: "I am sure in my own mind that she was mentally and verbally abused. Is that an excuse? Of course not. Does it factor in the decision that we make? It has to."

Notice he didn't say that he thought Jodi was physically abused by Travis. Is verbal abuse akin to abuse? Sure. No one would say that verbal abuse isn't harmful. But does it rise to the level of justifying murder? Only if that verbal abuse is threatening, I imagine. I think everyone knows Travis didn't treat Jodi well. He was not a good relationship partner. However, Jodi was not under any obligation to keep up a relationship with him. She CHOSE to keep seeing him even though he was so embarrassed by her he wouldn't even tell his friends about her. She CHOSE to keep being treated like crap. I don't think there was any reason she couldn't have just simply ended the relationship, unlike a lot of women who are in truly horrible abusive situations.

The new penalty phase is scheduled to begin in July.

Do you think mental and verbal abuse is really abuse?


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nonmember avatar Me

She was not abused, she was used. Never did she protest when he called her a whore or told her the things he wanted to do to her.

Dave Angelo

Yes, she was so abused and tormented, that she traveled hundreds of miles for more of the same. This foreman was part of the problems, he let his male hormones get in way of rendering the right decision.

nonmember avatar Dawn

Ok, let me preface my comments by saying that this woman is twisted, no question. What she did was horrifically wrong. She deserves to be punished.

That being said some of the statements made by this author are so ignorant and offensive I don't know where to begin. Mental abuse often times is worse than physical abuse. Mentally/emotionally abused people become so down trodden that they believe they cannot be without their tormentors. They have no self worth and do not realize that they have been "brainwashed" into believing that they deserve the abuse. Many who have experienced emotional abuse do not characterize the mistreatment as abusive, and they submit to the instructions of the abuser.

What she did was wrong, she had no right to take a life. But this author needs to be a little more respectful of the definitions of abuse and how they affect people. Mental/emotional abuse is real and it is serious, not something to make flippant remarks based off of one high-profile story.

justj123 justj123

ABUSE IS ABUSE !!!! I do NOT give a RAT'S ASS if it is physical, mental or verbal.  I have said from the beginning of this trial WHAT SHE DID IS WRONG and SHE SHOULD BE PUNISHED however you people act like Travis is sitting on the right hand side of God.  That man was a a PIG.  That man was a ABUSER.  I know I was married to one.  Did I want to kill him? At times yes did I leave yes did I go back yes DO YOU KNOW WHY?  SOME OF US IN THIS WORLD ARE NOT STRONG ENOUGH TO BREAK THAT BOND WITH OUR ABUSERS cuz of various reasons.  In my case I thought I did not have any other place to go and I could NOT survive without his help as I had a small child.  


YOU SHOULD NOT JUDGE PEOPLE UNTIL YOU WALK IN THEIR SHOES!!!  I will be the first one to admit today I need extensive therapy (which I CAN NOT GET) as my mind has been so messed up  due to the abuse from that man.  Just like the old saying goes "No one knows what goes on behind closed doors"


momofcfk momofcfk

I am almost positive she was not abused....I was in a very abusive marriage and i am sorry but (correct if I am wrong) she shot him in the head, then stabbed him 27 times and then slit his throat. if she was abused like she says she would have shot him then ran for safety and call the cops. Just my two cents.

nonmember avatar Stephanie

This juror obviously hasnt seen the fact that out of 82,000 text messages and emails between Travis and Jodi, only a handful had him cussing at her and calling her names. It had to do with something that she had done to betray him. It makes me so angry that he can label Travis as an emotional/verbal abuser but Jodi "was a normal, healthy young woman" before June 4th. Whatever!! Hey mister juror foreman, now that you have been excused, why dont you look into some TRUE FACTS and see that she was the one who was emotionally abusing him, not to mention STALKING him. She was never a "normal" person, just ask her parents, or better yet watch the interrogation videos of her parents. Looks like she has successfully manipulated at least 4 of them too.

Venae Venae

From a CNN report:  They broke up in the summer of 2007, and Alexander began dating other women.

In June 2008, Alexander missed two appointments, prompting friends to go to his house. They found his naked body crammed in a stand-up shower.

After her arrest, Arias told an elaborate lie about masked intruders breaking into Alexander's house and killing him before she narrowly escaped.

She killed him a year after they broke up - how was he was abusing her?  Hang the bitch.


Trina_ Trina_

This guy needs to go away. By him not voting for the death penalty he is part of the reason why this saga is not going away and will be dragged out for months (possibly years) later. It makes me sick that he clearly wants his 15 minutes of fame after Travis was brutally slaughtered like an animal. This is the reason why people get so angry and upset because it is such a heinous crime and then you have Jodi supporters just because she pretends to be pretty and meek. Jodi was never abused, Travis DID lash out AFTER he found his tires slashed, her hacking into his accounts and stalking him. I would have been mad too!

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