Trayvon Martin Texts Released & They Paint Him in a Seriously Unflattering Light

George ZimmermanConvincing the world that George Zimmerman was right to shoot Trayvon Martin is no easy feat, so Zimmerman's defense attorneys have brought out the big guns. On Thursday, before a hearing that will determine whether or not they can be used during the trial, Zimmerman's team released incriminating texts and photos from Martin's cellphone. The texts talk about guns, marijuana, and mention an instance of Martin skipping school. One photo apparently shows Trayvon giving the middle finger while blowing smoke at the camera, while another one reportedly is of a gun and a marijuana plant.

Now. Trayvon Martin clearly wasn't a choir boy who organized the neighborhood bake sale every year -- but does that mean he deserved to die?


It's Zimmerman's attorney's job to prove that his shooting of Martin was with cause. I get that. So I see why they'd want Martin's texts and photos to be made public -- they paint him in a much different light than the one the media has thus far shown Martin in: A young, smiling boy who doesn't look like he could hurt a fly. But still -- this is pretty sleazy. And it doesn't prove Zimmerman was in the right. It's simply tarnishing the name and image of a 14-year-old kid who is dead because of racial profiling.

I'm sure there are tons of texts and photos George Zimmerman has sent and taken in his life that could paint him as a killer. A crazed gunman. A man who was just itching to off someone! In fact, I'm sure pretty much anyone could be painted that way if isolated texts or things we wrote online were read. But, as we all know, there's more to that. And things out of context can be seriously misconstrued.

Maybe Trayvon Martin wasn't the sweet, innocent little boy we all thought him to be -- that shining face we see in the oft-published photo of him. But he didn't deserve to die at 14. He was unarmed, save for a bag of Skittles in his pocket, when George Zimmerman shot and killed him. Zimmerman's lawyers can bring out old text messages to tarnish Trayvon's image all they want -- but nothing is going to trump that.

What do you think of this?

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