Trayvon Martin Texts Released & They Paint Him in a Seriously Unflattering Light

George ZimmermanConvincing the world that George Zimmerman was right to shoot Trayvon Martin is no easy feat, so Zimmerman's defense attorneys have brought out the big guns. On Thursday, before a hearing that will determine whether or not they can be used during the trial, Zimmerman's team released incriminating texts and photos from Martin's cellphone. The texts talk about guns, marijuana, and mention an instance of Martin skipping school. One photo apparently shows Trayvon giving the middle finger while blowing smoke at the camera, while another one reportedly is of a gun and a marijuana plant.

Now. Trayvon Martin clearly wasn't a choir boy who organized the neighborhood bake sale every year -- but does that mean he deserved to die?

It's Zimmerman's attorney's job to prove that his shooting of Martin was with cause. I get that. So I see why they'd want Martin's texts and photos to be made public -- they paint him in a much different light than the one the media has thus far shown Martin in: A young, smiling boy who doesn't look like he could hurt a fly. But still -- this is pretty sleazy. And it doesn't prove Zimmerman was in the right. It's simply tarnishing the name and image of a 14-year-old kid who is dead because of racial profiling.

I'm sure there are tons of texts and photos George Zimmerman has sent and taken in his life that could paint him as a killer. A crazed gunman. A man who was just itching to off someone! In fact, I'm sure pretty much anyone could be painted that way if isolated texts or things we wrote online were read. But, as we all know, there's more to that. And things out of context can be seriously misconstrued.

Maybe Trayvon Martin wasn't the sweet, innocent little boy we all thought him to be -- that shining face we see in the oft-published photo of him. But he didn't deserve to die at 14. He was unarmed, save for a bag of Skittles in his pocket, when George Zimmerman shot and killed him. Zimmerman's lawyers can bring out old text messages to tarnish Trayvon's image all they want -- but nothing is going to trump that.

What do you think of this?



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Coles... Coles_mom

Thank goodness!!! The kid was a punk thug. I'm sorry he was killed, but good lord....Zimmerman does not need to get in trouble for what he did. Maybe, just maybe after reading these texts, the world was spared another dope-smokin', crack-head, gun toting gangsta (his word, not mine).

Amber Shafer

The only one who had a gun was the one who shot the kid. The kid had a bag of skittles and a drink in his pocket and the dude said he "looked intimidating" and shot the kid to death, so really he didn't do anything to deserve to die. No kid deserves to die at all. People are so shallow anymore.

fave82 fave82

Really, with the wrong age?

miche... micheledo

I honestly don't know what to think. There are so many stories about what happened. And the only ones who know the truth, well, one is dead. If Zimmerman's story is true, it was self defense ,and it doesn't matter that the other person didn't have a gun. But fro mwhat I have read, Zimmerman has certainly had problems with his temper. And may Martin's family is right ,and he was completely innocent in all this. But he was NOT an nice, sweet, boy. He was an unruly, rule breaking, almost adult.

Since no one really knows the truth ,I thin kthe background of both of them leaves plenty of room for reasonable doubt.

femal... femaleMIKE

coles mom,  it said it was marijuana not crack.  Really? he deserved to be killed by Zimmerman because he was a weed smoker and liked guns. 

redK8... redK8blueSt8

I don't think that this is to tarnish Trayvon, but to show the REAL Trayvon. He no longer was the squeakyclean little boy that the media showed, he was like a 6'3" 17 year old self-identifying "gangsta" and "thug". A kid, but in a mans body, which, darting shortcuts between houses in the dark just may have appeared intimidating and potentially dangerous. Imagine yourself in the situation. A big guy, (remember, self described "gangsta" fully embracing that stereotype) out that you question what he's doing there. You suppose he sweetly answered "gee mister, I'm heading home to my dads house after going to the store for skittles and soda."? Uhm, no. I have no doubt believing that when questioned by Zimmerman, that Trayvon responded in defense as a punk thug would. Escalating the situation.

It all went down and only Zimmerman now knows the full truth of the events that night. Portraying him as some child murdering monster is exaggerating the technical truth of the situation.

I'm also sick of the skittles in his pocket being touted as if that is a sign of pure innocence. As if only perfect law abiding citizens eat candy.

LostS... LostSoul88

I think this help bring to light what kind of kid he was but still doesn't prove if he deserved to die or not. There is so much more to this case then the public knows. Media chooses to report very little detail. 

nonmember avatar Unk

So are they trying to suggest that the penalty for skipping school is death? And haven't a least 10% of the states legalized marijuana? So what if he smoked. A whole lot of people do. Should we line them all up and have George Zimmeman pick them off with his 38? In no way is any of this relevant to this case. No one believed Martin was a choirboy anyway. The defense is just trying to poison the minds of potential jurors with these images in case the court does't allow them as evidence and they likely won't becase they have nothing to do with the murder. This just goes to show how weak the defenses case is if they have to resort to using public opinion to win points and not the merits of the case.

nonmember avatar CLV

No matter what happened between the two of them when the actual confrontation happened the fact still remains that Zimmerman was told not to confront him. If it was self defense he put himself in the position required to use self defense.

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