Mistrial in Jodi Arias Sentencing Case Means the 'Jodi Show' Continues (VIDEO)

Jodi AriasToday was the day we thought we might finally learn the fate of Jodi Arias, who earlier this month was convicted for the murder of her ex-boyfriend, Travis Alexander. Instead of learning whether she'd be sentenced to death or life in prison, however, the judge declared a mistrial.

According to USA Today, jurors deliberated for 14 hours over three days, but were unable to reach an agreement. When the judge announced the decision this evening, Arias could be seen breathing a sigh of relief; most of the rest of us are left reeling with the realization that this case will drag out even longer. This is means we have to start over again. This means more Jodi of whom we long, long ago had more than our fill.

The trial began January 2, and it has dominated the media since. We can only imagine how painful it has been for Alexander's family to watch the details of their son's death publicized and in many cases sensationalized.

So as much as we wanted the "Jodi Show" to be over, it's Alexander's family, who must have really felt a blow this afternoon. According to reports, one female juror mouthed "sorry" to the family as they cried after the announcement. Nothing will bring their son back, but to see justice served would at least bring about some closure. Instead, now they must wait longer, watching the trail drag out further.

The good news is that her conviction cannot be overturned. She has been declared a murderer, and that does not just change. It's now up to the prosecutor to decide if they will try for the death penalty again. If so, a new jury will convene July 18. If not (or if a second jury can't reach a decision), then Arias will spend life in prison. In a written statement, via ABC News, Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery said as of yet they're undecided as to what they'll do:

We appreciate the jury's work in the guilt and aggravation phases of the trial and now we will assess, based upon available information, what the next steps will be. As of this point in time, the court has set a status conference for June 20 and we will proceed with the intent to retry the penalty phase. Because, for purposes of a jury determination on punishment, this is still a pending matter, there will be no further comment.

That means more waiting. More Jodi. More heartache for Alexander's grieving family.

Are you surprised the jury was unable to reach agreement in the sentencing of Jodi Arias?

Image via USA Today

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bostonrn bostonrn

Not surprised. Twelve strangers agreeing on life or death? Hard to get 12 family members to agree on what appetizers to order when eating out.

justj123 justj123

Thank God Jodi finally got some kind of peace.  I am not saying what she did was right in anyway, shape or form.  Yes she is VERY GUILTY and should have NEVER LIED from the get go but what is done is done.  If it was me I would have hired a couple of guy's to go over and beat the crap outta him and then stand over him and tell him I can have the crap beat outta you if you breathe a word of this to anyone you might not make it out alive next time.  I GUARANTEE THAT WOULD HAVE SHUT HIM UP RIGHT THERE JOHNNY ON THE SPOT!!!

Now everyone is singing Travis's praises like he is sitting on the right hand side of God him self.  Please

mleil... mleilanim

She musta been the unwaivering juror (above).....a word comes to mind.....

p s y c h o.

bills... billsfan1104

I thought that if the jury couldn't agree on death or life that it is automatically life??

Texas... TexasSonrisa

justj....are you serious?

fave82 fave82

Umm justj is scary..

Lisa M. Griffin

Justj r u should u & that jodi girl aren't related? WOW!!!!!!

nonmember avatar sandy

I am definitely not surprised that the jury was deadlocked: Frankly, I had many questions and doubts throughout the trial, and they only continued during the sentencing phase. Look: She is a convicted murderer; her life as a free person on earth is over. If she lives, that may disappoint and disgust some people, probably even members of Travis' family. But if she dies, he will still be dead; that family will never have closure. So, might it not be wiser to choose life sentence, so that Jodi endures loss; so that her family may see/speak with her; and so that, however unlikely, we and Travis' family may one day gain some clarity about the dynamics of an abusive relationship?

raych... raychel_leigh

First of all, justj123, you sound like a grade a freak.  What on earth makes you think that after all the torture she put that man through, she "deserves some peace".  She deserves the death penalty.  There's no reason to let her sit in prison with free meals and cable for the rest of her life.  It's highly annoying that people who have committed absolutely unspeakable and disgusting acts still get sympathy from people.  Prisons are overcrowded anyways, she deserves the death penalty.

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