Mom & Baby Killed in Oklahoma Tornado While Desperately Trying to Reach Older Son

Oklahoma TornadoAs the search and rescue efforts come to an end, and the death toll from the Oklahoma tornado continues to change, the heartbreaking individual stories of the victims are being told. Among the most heart-wrenching is that of Megan Futrell and her 5-month-old baby.

According to The Daily Mail, the 29-year-old mother and junior high school teacher was desperate to reach her other son, 6-year-old Cody, when the weather started getting bad. Like many of us would have done -- or wanted to do -- she set out to get him, to be with him, to protect him. Unfortunately, she never made it.

After speaking on the phone with her husband just "seconds before it happened" she knew she needed to divert and seek shelter. She went into a 7-11 where she and her baby went into the store's freezer, hoping and praying that they would make it out alive. The store was completely leveled, however, and she and her baby were killed. According to the Daily Mail, their bodies were found huddled together.

Now her husband and young son are left behind to try and navigate life without them. Their family was forever changed in an instant, and you have to wonder how they will go on. How so many affected by this terrible tragedy will go on?

As for those who may criticize her for going out in the storm, Pastor DA Bennett told the paper:

I hope that when people think of her they don’t think that she was reckless or some kind of thrill seeker. She was a mother who loved her baby and wanted to do what she could to protect that child.

None of us knows what we'd do in a similar situation, no matter how much we think might. Futrell was a mother doing what she thought was best for her children in a terrifying situation, which is all any of us can do. Unfortunately, it's just not always enough.

Do you think this woman was reckless in trying to reach her son?

Image via National Guard/Flickr

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momma... momma_2013

I would of done the same... may god help her husbend and son threw their loss!!

Nurse... Nursekelly1980

Heartbreaking :( I'm sure there aren't any of us who wouldn't have done the same


:( I would have done the same. Anything to keep my son safe. RIP Mama & Baby

Nelli... NellieAthome

Why would anyone criticize her? Especially since those parents who were able to get their children out of Plaza Elementary likely saved their lives....

Eileen Calder

Why in God's name would anyone even dream of criticising this brave woman who risked her own life to try to save her childrens? Why did this stupid Pastor even suggest such a ridiculous thing?

Eileen Calder

It would be more appropriate for this website to be asking why there was no shelter built at Plaza Towers Elementary school when the area had previously been hit by storms and children killed before. Why would a website for Mothers & Babies - sponsored by Cow & Gate, attempt to elicit negative comments about ANY young Mother who had recently died - especially when she died in such tragic circumstances trying to protect her children.

zombi... zombiemommy916

I'm sitting here, watching my 5 month old sleep and my older two get on the bus...thinking "I would do anything to keep them safe" and I believe that's what she was doing and it breaks my heart...last summer, a extremely violent derecho swept through the area with hardly a warning, I was about 5 months pregnant and as giant oaks fell all around our home, I covered my kids with my body and prayed like never before...the most terrifying moment I've had as a heart goes out to all the parents who did their best to get to their kids, and risked everything to protect them...I pray that this young mother and precious baby did not suffer...sorry for the atrocious grammar and pointless rambling, I'm on my phone and have been a hot mess since these stories began awful :'(

LostS... LostSoul88

I would have done the very same... So heartbreaking. 

mommy... mommytojack0524

@Eileen--There was a shelter and the kids who died were in it. They drowned when a water pipe burst and they were trapped in the shelter.

nonmember avatar Stella

@mommytojack, I may be wrong about this, but my understanding is that there was no shelter, just a basement that was never intended to be a tornado shelter. But you're right that they drowned when a pipe burst and the basement filled with water.

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