Winning Lotto Ticket Found in Cookie Jar Opens Up Eerie Mystery (VIDEO)

cookie jarEveryone knows that a cookie jar is where one goes to find amazing treats, but for the Cerezo family from the Chicago-area, the treats it held could be classified as divine. It was a gift their 14-year-old daughter had given the family before her death from a seizure disorder in August 2012. It was also where dad Ricardo Cerezo kept his lottery tickets. When his wife told him to get them checked or she'd throw them away, Ricardo would soon discover he had a lotto winner in the cookie jar. A big winner. Huge.

A scanner at a 7-Eleven told Ricardo to "File a Claim," a message that pops up when the pot is more than $600. Well, this was way more than $600. Turns out, he'd won $4.85 million.


On the verge of losing their home, Ricardo to NBC that he had sat in his deceased daughter's room, crying and praying, asking God to take anything he wanted, but not this house that held her bedroom.

His prayers were answered. With $4.85 million in the bank, the Cerezo family won't lose their home to foreclosure, and his daughter's bedroom will remain, for now, unchanged.

It's an incredible story at face value -- millions found in a cookie jar?! -- but the emotion behind the Cerezo's family's loss, and the fact that the jar was a gift from their departed teenager, takes the story to a whole new level.

It seems like this couldn't have happened to nicer people. They endured so much loss and now, thanks to a miracle, they can keep their house ... and then some.

A cookie jar's contents were never sweeter.

Watch Ricardo Cerezo's heart-melting interview:

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jalaz77 jalaz77

I got some serious goosebumps!! This is truly amazing. I hope they are smart with their money. I can't view the video, I am on my phone but this is again, amazing!

MamaY... MamaYankee

This story actually made me tear up....God I am such a whimp :) So happy for this family

nicol... nicolemead91

wow, this really is amazing! miracles really do happen. =) 

this couldn't have happened to better people, who truly deserve and need this money. i am so happy for this family. now they no longer need to struggle. =) now only if their daughter were here, celebrating with her family! =( rip 

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