Internet Sensation 'Kai the Hitchhiker' Arrested for Brutal Murder of 73-Year-Old Man

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kai the hitchhikerSo, remember that super weird, kind of crazy, yet totally likable guy, Kai the Hitchhiker? His interview with a reporter went viral after he helped rescue a girl from some crazed lunatic? He was dubbed by some as the "hero hitchhiker". He seemed like a tweaked out surfer/stoner dude, and the world fell in Internet love with him after the reporter asked him how old he was, and he replied: "I can't call it."

Yeah, well, he was just arrested. For murder.

Kai, real name Caleb McGillvary, was arrested on Thursday in Clark, New Jersey, and is currently being held on $3 million bail. He's charged with killing 73-year-old Joseph Galfy, Jr. in the attorney's home. The cause of death has been ruled as blunt force trauma. In an extremely graphic and NSFW Facebook message, Kai has eluded to the fact that he was drugged and raped by Galfy.

It will probably be a long time before we know what went on in Galfy's home -- if we ever find out at all. But the fact that Kai allegedly killed this man is both shocking ... and not. I mean, he was made famous for bludgeoning someone with an axe. But at the same time, he really did just seem like a laid-back stoner dude.

What happened is an absolute tragedy -- especially if Kai is lying about what transpired. But I guess we shouldn't be super surprised -- it isn't like we all knew Kai. We thought we did, because he was completely glorified after his insane interview. But all we saw of him was a two-minute clip in which we found Kai to be hilarious and lovable.

As time goes on, more details will obviously come to light, and we'll know more about Kai and what took place. But until then: Damn. Kai the Hitchhiker. Really?

Watch Kai's original interview. Warning, LANGUAGE/NSFW!

What do you think of this?

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Brain... BrainyMommy

A druggie murders somebody. Big surprise.

LeeshaE LeeshaE

His facebook update was super creepy and I am inclined to believe it because this young fella is not that bright I don't believe him intelligent enough to mastermind some sort of defense from it, in fact it gives clear motive. I pity this poor soul.

Kattey Kattey

Alluded* eluded means to escape.


nonmember avatar That Guy

"...eluded to the fact..."?
Alluded maybe?

Tarot Tarot

I think he's probably a deceont guy that has anger issues and a twisted sense of justice. What he did was not okay, but if his victim really did drug and rape him, it's understandable on some level.

Still not cool, though. He must have had quite a hard life to turn out the way he did.

ihave1 ihave1

that's why I never pick up hitchhikers 

Three... Threes.Company

Whoa. That guy is crazy. He not only went at the man with a hatchet, he also beat some other guy until all his teeth were out? Good Lord. We have a legal system for a reason. We cannot be a society where people just take justice into their own hands and kill people because we think (or know) they did wrong.

Karen Peskie

hurt people....hurt people

Isaiah Gustavsson

To Threes.Company: So what are you saying? We should let the police do everything, should you call the police while someone is getting murderd in front of our eye(drivin over) If so, you're even dumber than this guy.the police wont come in a few seconds to stop the crime

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