Groom Who Hires Prostitute on His Honeymoon Probably Isn't Husband Material After All

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Prostitution honeymoonA really good honeymoon should include a few essentials: a nice getaway spot where the newlyweds can enjoy each other, an air of romance and excitement, and an almost ridiculous amount of sleep and sex.

Should, for reasons that can only be dreamed up on a couple-by-couple basis, either the bride or groom have a brush with the law during the course of their post-nuptial canoodling, it should be for something that makes for funny, shareable stories like public drunkenness or random flashes of public nudity.

It should not be because the new hubs has been nabbed by police for soliciting a hooker right after his wedding night. 

Yet that very thing happened when authorities arrested 21-year-old Mohammed Ahmed, a Chicago-area man stumbled up by a prostitution sting when he allegedly solicited a cop posing as a lady of the night—while he was on his honeymoon in Orlando with his brand new, unsuspecting missus. What a way to find out your man is a cheat. And not only a cheat, but a cheating john.

I can’t think of a better reason for the bride—who has to be blushing for a whole other reason at this point—to slide on over to the nearest legal representative faster than she can say “annulment.” Bless her heart.

It always baffles me when someone dishonors their vows right after they get married. Clearly they were cheaters before and, for whatever reason, they either believed that walking down a flower-lined aisle would instantaneously settle them down or they got convinced as much by some well-intentioned family member. Old impulses get temporarily tucked away perhaps, but they don’t die on their own and it doesn’t take long for that old bed-hopping spirit to flare back up.

So my question is: why even bother getting married in the first place? ‘Specially—es-pesh-lee—if you’re little bitty baby 21 years old with a penchant for hooking up with prostitutes online. Seems to me an individual like that should stay a bachelor(ette) a long, long time. Like, always.

Everything ain’t for everybody, and that includes marriage. You have to know yourself and your lane. And if you feel like maybe you might be unable to resist the silent call of infidelity, no amount of coaxing and convincing is going to be able to make it right. Case in point.

How far into a new marriage should you go before you listen to that little voice that says you made a mistake? 

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LostS... LostSoul88

you shouldnt get married if you have doubts in the first place

Mom2f... Mom2fourlove

It could have been an arranged marriage...not excusing it but just sayin...

Todd Vrancic

Even if it was an arranged marriage I'm pretty sure there is a line in the vows that goes:  "Forsaking  all others."  What kind of worm can't even keep a promise for one night?

nonmember avatar Aki

who cares if he goes with a prostitute as long as his family has money?

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