Trayvon Martin Shouts Are Analyzed From 911 Tape -- & What Experts Are Saying Is Shocking

George Zimmerman
George Zimmerman
George Zimmerman
, the man who allegedly shot and killed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, is set to go to court next month. And in preparation for the trial, attorneys have hired "audio specialists" to analyze the 911 tape from the night of February 26 to determine whether or not the screams for help heard on tape are Zimmerman's or Martin's. If they're decided to be Zimmerman's -- who's pleading not guilty -- he obviously has a case. If they're Martin's, doesn't look so good for Zimmerman. But what the specialists are saying is interesting. 

One analyzer from New Jersey claims that the cries for help do, in fact, belong to that of Trayvon Martin. But a person who analyzed the tape from Florida is claiming that the screams are a mix of both Martin and Zimmerman's. Hmmm. Unsurprisingly, Martin's family is saying the voice belongs to the teen, while Zimmerman's father claimed in court that he believes the cries came from his son.

I'm not a lawyer, but I really hope that this 911 tape isn't the sole deciding factor in this case. There's clearly too much gray area with it, and "experts" can't agree on who's who. The fact that two people are giving different answers as to who the screams belong to is disconcerting to say the least. The magnitude of this case is too great to deal with gray.

Even if George Zimmerman was "screaming for help" the night hoodie-clad Martin was killed, let's not forget one major thing here: An unarmed 17-year-old boy was shot and killed. And George Zimmerman allegedly pulled the trigger. If he doesn't pay for that, there's something really wrong with our justice system.

What do you think of this?



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Melan... MelanieJK

My initial thought was negligent/reckless manslaughter back at the time it exploded into the public discourse.    It'll be interesting to find out what the facts are vs all the rumor and wild speculation.    Unlike the Arias/Anthony trials it doesn't sound like the public is going to agree on this one.    

Delamara Delamara

The stand your ground law should be thrown out after the 911 operator told him NOT to follow Trayvon and he did anyway AND the fact Trayvon wasn't armed. 

B1Bomber B1Bomber

If the facts are what they appear to be (Zimmerman followed Martin, Martin freaked out and started the fight, Zimmerman ended it with a gun), then under Florida law, George Zimmerman is guiltyof nothing more than bad judgment and thus should not be punished. We don't have to like the laws, but punishing a man for a crime he didn't commit is wrong.

blunt... bluntcakes

I don't believe Zimmerman. Even if Trayvon did attack him I'm sure he did because the fool was following him. He should have listened to the 911 operator and stayed away until the authorities showed up. Now a young man is dead because someone wanted to play neighborhood watch/vigilante. Maybe zimmermans intentions were right but look at the result.

lovem... lovemyson1224

To me it doesn't matter if it is George Zimmerman on the tape yelling for help. Why wasn't Trayvon allowed to defend himself from a crazed gunman. In my opinion it doesn't matter what Trayvon did to him. As a previous poster pointed out 911 told him not to follow Trayvon and he did anyway. At that point he has no "stand your ground" argument because the whole point of those laws are you can literally stand your ground and not have to run away. Since he was following Trayvon he wasn't staying anywhere.

Judy Ann Vallejos

The autopsy report says there is no Zimmerman DNA on Trayvon's hands. It would be impossible for Trayvon to have beat Zimmerman as he claims without getting DNA on his hands. It also says there is no swelling or bruising on Trayvon's hands. There is one tiny little scratch on Trayvon's finger. That is it. The ballastic report shows Trayvon's shirts were being pulled when the bullet fired into him. To me that means Zimmerman was holding onto Trayvon's clothing "keeping him from getting away" and he shot him to be sure of that. Zimmerman is a cold blooded killer and deserves to rot the rest of his days in jail. It is my opinion that he crossed the top of the "T" and headed down the street that goes along the front of his Father's girlfriend's house and circled back up the "T" and cut Trayvon off at or near his Father's back door. I can't wait for the trial.

nonmember avatar Officer Friendl

The facts agree on two things.

1) Trayvon Martin assaulted and battered George Zimmerman because he didn't like being followed. That's not enough reason to try to crack a man's head open on concrete.

2) While Trayvon Martin tried to crack George Zimmerman's skull open, Mr. Zimmerman shot and killed him- stopping the attack and saving his life.

"An unarmed 17-year-old boy was shot and killed." The oldest and most reliable arms a man has to take another's life are attached to his chest. There's a very simple reason all striking sports have referees; it's easy for an "unarmed" man to kill another man, armed or not.

brigh... brighteyes1986

I agree with Judy Ann Vallejos, Zimmerman not only approached Trayvon, but went against 911 operator after they said not to follow, && if I was in fear for my life, I def wouldn't be following the person I fear is gonna kill me, nor pull their shirt to shoot them, obviously that indicates trayvon was trying to get away. But it will be nice to know what the FACTS SAY, VS speculation, truth vs media exaggerating the truth/speculation!! RIP Trayvon, && hopefully you will receive justice in the form of.the law && it won't turn out like the Casey Anthony case....:( just saying!!

Donnie Karabotsos

Let's not forget another thing - An unarmed 17 year old was killed because he attacked and beat an armed citizen who pulled the trigger in self defense. As for our justice system, it went down the tubes a long time ago.

Donnie Karabotsos

Interesting how people here are fabricating facts to support their bias.  "Crazed gunmen" don't call 911.  There's no evidence that Zimmerman followed Martin after he was told not to - but it's clear that Martin rolled up on Zimmerman with an attitude and attacked him, knocking him down, breaking his nose, and busting his head open.   Zimmerman was legally armed and defended himself.  Deal with it.  

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