Kidnapped Women Were Tortured Like 'Prisoners of War' & Shocking Details of House of Horrors (VIDEO)

Horrific details are still trickling out about the decade-long captivity endured by Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus, and Michelle Knight allegedly at the hands of Ariel Castro in his house of horrors. The new details are so depraved that it will make your heart ache for these girls even more than it already does. Sources say that there is a reason the only photo of the women after their rescue is of Amanda Berry, who was seen in the hospital with her sister and daughter born into captivity, Jocelyn. Berry apparently had "favored" status with Castro and didn't suffer as much of the beatings and torture that Castro allegedly doled out to the other women. Which isn't to say her time in the house was anything less than horrific -- she reportedly gave birth to Jocelyn without medical care in a small children's wading pool. But new details show that the house was truly a house of torture -- and that the women were held like "prisoners of war."

New details to emerge include:

- Michelle Knight suffered hearing loss and will need facial reconstruction surgery due to beatings around the head.

- The women suffered severe malnutrition and dehydration as well as joint and muscle damage.

- In the basement, there were chains and dog leashes attached and hanging from the wall. Pulleys were attached to the chains so suspect Ariel Castro could raise and lower the girls off the ground.

- The women were restrained in "stress positions" for so long that they suffered bed sores, and Gina DeJesus has difficulty moving her head.

- Gina and Michelle were gaunt and had close-cropped hair when they were found, almost as if they'd emerged from a concentration camp.

- He allegedly used food to torture the women, starving them for long periods, and bringing food to one and making the others watch her eat.

- In the backyard was barbed wire, heavy metal chains, and tarps.

- The windows of the home were completely blocked with wood.

- Mirrors were on the back door, which could show if anyone was coming into the Castro driveway, which kept people from being able to approach the house unannounced.

- Two children's bicycles and a toy basketball hoop were in the backyard -- likely for Jocelyn. Since Castro didn't have children, it's incredible this didn't send up red flags to anyone who may have made it to the backyard, if anyone did.

- Large sheets of tarp completely blocked off the backyard, making it impossible for neighbors on either side to see in.

Despite all of this unimaginable horror, a local city councilman says:

[The women] are doing well, doing very well. They are thriving and enjoying their freedom.

I can't imagine what it is going to take for these women to ever recover from this absolutely horrific ordeal.

Do you think the neighbors should have been more suspicious?

Image via CNN

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nonmember avatar rhianon

being from that area in cleveland, as in i was raised in that exact area, i cant say the neighbors should have been more suspicious.. you mind your own business around there. people are generally weird in a way regardless in that area. glad i moved out of state in feb.

Melan... MelanieJK

The cops can't do much based just on suspicion.   

 I can't imagine anyone thinking that they needed to report a neighbor for having toys in his backyard!    Even if he didn't have kids he might keep them for when relatives/friends with kids visit..    Obviously in context with other things (boarded up windows etc.) it's more suspicious but if someone isn't causing problems or drawing attention to themselves (the one guy said he just did boring stuff so he wasn't someone you watched) I think it's normal to not want to pry or "look for evidence".  

Kristina Hollenbeck

A lot of people just assumed that house was abandoned and that Castro came by to make sure no one broke in. It's horrific the kinds of things that probably went on in there...I hope he rots in a dark cell all by himself.

Gynnie Ann DeJesus

Sick bastard; I am sure he will live to regret his behavior; if family and community do not find a need to interject with odd members then destiny will lead them to their needs; distorted as they may be a cure is on the way; that we can be sure of in this case. Isolation will be a pleasure for this scum; put him into general population!

Barb Slusark

I think that the neighbor who saw "a naked woman, crawling in the back yard", should have definitely called the police!

nonmember avatar K F

No offense, but I've been to the neighborhoods and there are boards up on a lot of houses. I doubt they hold neighborhood block parties that everyone knows each other. I think most people do keep to themselves unless they have to. So..unless he showed some really really crazy attitudes to would you know? However,,,,how did the family not know? Wouldnt you question barb wires and chains and tarps in the back yard? Plus if my Dad/brother told me not to go in a room....I'd be in there!!!

Lauren Wasinger

There's a lot of junk in that yard, judging by the pictures. I have some neighbors who have all sorts of crazy crap in their backyard. Some of it caught fire a bit ago, turns out the guy was trying to earn money by picking up peoples' garbage and then tossing it in the back yard. He got fined for it, of course, but you can imagine what the property looks like. They're not bad people, just not neat people. So, no, I wouldn't question a bike and basketball net in a yard full of junk.

Lauren Wasinger

And, btw, you are referencing the Daily Fail... who actually cites the National Enquirer as one of their sources. Granted, this is a blog and not a news site... but c'mon.

Kayla Lam

With his backyard like that am shock city inspection not giving him a fine.either that or neighbor just not too involved community neighbor watch.hope this make us learn to b supiscious neighbor to watch n helpful in future.

Leesa Hicks-Delgado

I think the police need to admit that they most likely got calls from the neighbors who reported screaming. Police went there and did not see anything then left. My friend and her man  were fighting awhile back it got really heated when the police came they  ignored them knocking on the door and the police left. They cannot come into your house without a warrant. I think that law needs to change cuz there aould be so many lives saved if the police could just come into the house and search when violence is reported. Them poor girls could have been saves several timnes if the police did search and took calls more seriously.

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