Mom Killed on Mother's Day for Not Wanting to Celebrate With Her Family

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ronnie RaineyAll across the country, women were offered a night out on Mother's Day. More than a few of them probably said, "Not tonight, honey, I'm tired." But for Maryland mom Lisa Rainey, the refusal to go out seems to have prompted a brutal double homicide that claimed the mother of two and her stepdaughter. Luckily her son escaped the shooting, but that's just about the only good news to come out of a bizarre Mother's Day killing that leaves more questions than answers.

What would possess someone to kill their wife for refusing to go out on Mother's Day? And just how far can you go to keep yourself safe when you see someone you love turning violent?

It sounds like Lisa Rainey did all she could.

When she realized husband Ronnie was angry about the Mother's Day disagreement, she took her kids, including her 15-year-old son, to a hotel for the night. Then, before agreeing to meet Ronnie Rainey back at the family home the next day, she called her daughter's boyfriend, a parole and probation officer, for protection.

But somehow these precautions weren't enough.

It's Lisa Rainey's own husband who is charged in her death, as well as the murder of his stepdaughter, Ariale Chantre Shelton. Cops say the former Army medic who met his wife in the military and has been married to her for 15 years also tried to shoot at their teenage son, but the bullet got only the boy's hat as he ran from their home.

Over a Mother's Day disagreement?

No wonder she didn't want to go out to eat with him.

I wouldn't either.

It sounds like Lisa Rainey saw something off, and she did the right thing -- she got out. Only then she got sucked back in.

This is a reality in an American where more than three women are murdered by their husbands or boyfriends every day. Every year, one in three women who is a victim of homicide is murdered by her current or former partner.

This is a reality that we must face: that people who love us can turn on us.

If we feel something is off, we should trust our instincts.

But what makes the Raineys' case so startling is the lack of a history. Cops in Prince George's County say they'd never been called to the Rainey home -- not before Monday when Ronnie Rainey called them to allegedly announced that he'd shot his wife and stepdaughter and planned to shoot himself. Ronnie and Lisa were both respected members of society, both veterans of the United States military who met in the service.

This sad case seems to fly in the face of what we tend to believe about domestic violence -- that there's an escalating pattern of abuse.

The suddenness of the murders, the leap to such extreme violence, the fact that this mom did all she could to stay safe and still lost her life are all tragic and unsettling. But they only hammer home the most important message of all: if you feel unsafe, get out. Now.

Have you ever felt this way about someone you loved? What did you do?


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LostS... LostSoul88

I have never felt like I need to kill someone...


@LosstSoul:I know! I can only hope the blogger meant have you ever felt the tug to see someone who you should stay away from.Lets hope!

littl... little.wise.owl

How awful, but to be honest to me it sounds like it was probably her not wanting to go that set off a ticking time bomb that has been waiting to explode for a while. 

Derpy Derpy

This is very sad

GwenMB GwenMB

Just because there weren't any prior police calls to the house doesn't mean this was the first instance of abuse or violence in that marriage.  The police are rarely called when things turn abusive - they aren't called until a spouse fears for her life or when things escalate to the point that people outside the family see something.

I suspect the blogger has no personal experience with or knowledge of domestic violence from the overall tone of the post.  "No wonder she didn't want to go out to eat with him?"  Chances are, he had redeeming qualities when he wasn't abusive.  Chances are she often did enjoy going out to eat with him but just didn't want to on Mothers Day.


iwana... iwanabemomie

So sad. He looks like a controlling beast.

nonmember avatar Dawn

Let's be real, just because there was no police report on prior incidents does NOT mean they didn't occur. If we wait a few days I'm sure more details will emerge. I feel for all three victims, and those who love/d them. Can you imagine the conflict his son will feel now? I hope he has someone in his life who is very grounded that will help him through this.

nonmember avatar Dawn

Beasts come in all sorts of "looks", you cannot tell from the outside how evil someone's soul is. Judge people by what they do, how they act, how they treat others.

levacy levacy

people don't usually go straight to a hotel just because of an argument... there had to have been other things that lead to this... 


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