Naked Mom, Grandma, Toddler, and Baby Take a Stroll in Public Because God Told Them To

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bare feetI don't know about where you live, but here on the East Coast, the weather for Mother's Day was gorgeous. So sunny and mild, in fact, that a Charlotte, North Carolina naked mom, baby, toddler, and grandma went out for a stroll. Yes, naked. Naked as the day God made them.

Only problem is that they chose the main thoroughfare, Providence Road, for their nude promenade, causing a traffic jam. Of course. I mean, that's going to cause some serious rubber-necking ... among other things. Police Captain Rod Farley described them as "like freshly born naked ... This was Adam and Eve stuff -- not even a loincloth." So it shouldn't come as a surprise that the family claim God told them to take a nude walk.

"Apparently the Lord told them to get naked and walk down the street," Farley says. Oh Lord! You are always telling people to do the craziest things. But why not? The good Lord made those bodies. Why not share the beauty of God's great work with the world and enjoy the feeling of that warm sunshine on all your parts? Don't hide your light under a bushel and all that.

After the family was apprehended, they were taken to the hospital for a physical and mental evaluation. And whaddaya know, they checked out just fine. Someone filed a child neglect form, though.

You know, I suspect the women didn't quite hear the Lord's entire message. Like they got as far as "Get thee naked and walk upon thy streets" and missed the part where God followed up with "... but in a residential area so thou dost not cause a traffic jam near a thoroughfare, for honking is not delightsome in my sight." And then, "In fact, maybe confine thine stroll to the backyard, now that I the Lord really think about it." Oh well. Maybe they'll listen more closely next Sunday.

What would you do if you spotted a family strolling down the street completely nude?


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jalaz77 jalaz77

Oh wow. Those kids are screwed. What will god tell them to do next? I see the grandma already messed up the mother but those kids can be saved from this messed up family.

tired... tiredmama42

Seriously..that wasnt God telling them to that is was the creepy little voices in their heard! 

Magen Haskins

wow you people have issues. there are nudists all over the world. there is nothing wrong with being natural and free. i say more power to them!


Panda... PandaPop83

2 "sane" adults heard the same thing? Umm I just don't know what to say. If I saw someone walking buck naked down the road I'd be shocked. I'd laugh and hopefully I get to where I'm going safely. This is hilarious! I think the kids will be fine as long as mom and grandma don't do it again. The toddler probably thought it was funny cause mommy and grandma didn't wanna put on clothes like him. And the baby had no idea what was going on, but she was loving it! Hahaha... Although serious, I really find this funny.

nonmember avatar Mandy Self

More entertaining than watching the media cover Obama... Lol. :)

Sonja Podwys

Whether God told them to do it or not, I really don't see much of a problem with this.  SOMEONE invented clothes and most of us took part in that.  Blowing tons of money on something that we need?  Don't need?  We do have nudists all over the world. The only reason it comes to us in a shock is simple.  All it takes is a little logical thinking.  And seriously?  A child neglect report?  Whoever was quick to make that report should focus on children who are REALLY being neglected.  

Brenda Minton

I give them massive props for being brave enough to do it! All of our lives we are told and made to feel ashamed of our bodies. It's a rarity to find someone who is feel comfortable in their own skin, thanks to all the society pressures we face.... Regardless of their reasoning behind it, i commend them! If more people were comfortable enough with their own bodies, we would not be facing half of the problems in our society that we face today. Children starving themselves to nothing and children killing themselves because they're constantly told and made to believe that they aren't what their supposed to be. If we'd teach our children that they are perfect just the way we are, the only people that wouldn't benefit from it would be the plastic surgeons around the world!

Sheri Brebner

I would think they were mentally ill. Who in their "right mind" does that? Crazzzzzzzzzzy people!!!

Ihear... IheartTea

Personally, I like wearing's just more comfortable to me.  There is nothing wrong with being naked, it's just not appropriate.  I also don't want to see naked adults or even children in public. It's just not safe these days.

Unfortunately, sex offenders & other deviants are everywhere.  Some of whom have a preference for young children (even babies & toddlers).  Why subject your kids to the creepy thoughts of pedophiles?   Bad enough that 2 adult women are out parading around in the nude without subjecting chidren to the same.  They 're too young to even be given a choice.  Kids also have sensitive skin...probably not that good for them to be out in strong sunlight which can burn tender skin quickly.  Grandma & mom can keep their nudity at home where they won't cause traffic problems or create a scene.  Are these 2 women so starved for attention that this was an attempt to get some? 

As far as someone claiming child neglect...that's weird.  Are the children dirty, unfed, uncared for in other ways?  I would say letting them go naked is bad for the kids just because of the reasons I stated above.  But to say they're being neglected is going too far, unless there is physical evidence to file a claim against mom. 

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