Changes in Health Care Moms Need to Know About (VIDEO)

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Affordable Care ActPresident Obama used the Mother's Day holiday to promote the Affordable Care Act and talk about the changes in healthcare law that affect moms in particular.

Whether or not you support the new healthcare plan, it affects you. Now is as good a time as any to go over a few major changes that could benefit you and your family.

--It is now illegal to exclude children from coverage because of a pre-existing condition. In 2014, it will be illegal for insurance companies to exclude anyone because of a pre-existing condition. In the meantime, a new program called the Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan provides coverage for those who need it until these rules go into effect in 2014.

--Anyone joining a new insurance plan can choose any primary care doctor, OB-GYN, or pediatrician in his or her network (or any emergency care outside his or her network) without a referral.

--Most women can now receive preventive care without co-pays -- including mammography screenings for women over 40, birth control, breastfeeding support and supplies, domestic violence screening and counseling, STI counseling, and HIV testing and counseling.

--In 2014, women can no longer be charged more for individual insurance policies because of their gender.

--Your child can now stay on your insurance plan (unless their employer provides insurance) until he or she is 26, regardless of whether he or she is living with you, financially dependent on you, or married.

--Insurance companies cannot impose lifetime limits on the amount of care you receive or drop your coverage if you get sick.

Here's what President Obama had to say to women on Friday about the Affordable Care Act:

We've spent a lot of time over the last year going back and forth on whether the Affordable Care Act is a good or bad idea -- but the fact is, it's here now and we might as well use it to our advantage.

You can read more about how the Affordable Care Act could affect you and your family by checking out this breakdown from the White House. The Kaiser Family Foundation also has a very helpful, non-partisan website with tons of easy-to-understand information on the Affordable Care Act.

Personally, I'm most excited about the provision that allows my kids to stay on my health insurance plan until they're 26 ... What about you?

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dearg76 dearg76

I am happy about the age change to keep your child on the plan. But most happy about the unlimited lifetime amounts. I have previously worked for an insurance company and I have seen too many people max out their lifetime benefits in one bad accident. Or in the tragic case of a baby born with major medical issues and transplants were needed. The 2 million max the policy had was gone before the childs 1st birthday. 

EmmaF... EmmaFromEire

I can see the extended cover for kids being perfect for parents with children in university.

Foley... Foleygirl24

My previously affordable insurance plan is terminating in 2014 because of Obamacare... and I can't afford any of the other plans with the company I want. So, no, I'm NOT a fan of Obamacare right now.

LadyM... LadyMinni

And we are going to pay for every single cent of these "free" things. I find it ridiculous that I have amazing health insurance and in absolutely no way benefit from Obama Care, yet my taxes were raised to pay for it. Enjoy your "free" services! You're welcome!

sunmo... sunmoonandstar

Where's MY free stuff?! I have to pay $2.14 more per week for other people and lazy children to be able to have healthcare? Gawd. Thanks, Obama. >:[

nonmember avatar Sick on BOCare

Affordable? We pay $1,800 a month for 3 of us and only get one "free" physical a year! But I bet the people were subsidizing are getting all their care fore free!

LOswa... LOswald0314

This list sounds great.  However, after actually reading everything else in the new laws it's not so great.  I'm glad we are military and will not be affected by Obamacare.

Rushn311 Rushn311

LadyMinni-I agree with  you!

Kayla... KaylaMillar

Not for obama all. 

Kmakk... Kmakksmom

I'm not a fan of Obama in, I'm not a fan of his "Obamacare" either.

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