8-Year-Old Leila Fowler's Suspected Murderer Arrested in Shocking Case Conclusion (VIDEO)

leila fowler press confJust a few days ago, Priscilla Rodriguez, mother of 8-year-old Leila Fowler who was stabbed to death in her home on April 27, told CBS that not knowing who murdered her daughter was making things much harder to handle. Now, after a 2000-hour police investigation in Valley Spring, Calif., authorities have arrested a suspect -- Leila's 12-year-old brother was taken into custody on May 11.

The boy, whose name has not been released, originally told investigators that a man with a long, gray ponytail had entered their home, stabbed Leila to death, then left. A neighbor said she saw said man fleeing the house, but soon recanted her story.

Investigators took knives from the home, tested for D.N.A., and after two weeks, narrowed their focus on Leila's brother. They promptly held a press conference to alert the tight-knit northern California community that Leila's killer was behind bars -- sheriff Gary Kuntz explained that everyone can sleep easier tonight.

Everyone, that is, except Priscilla Rodriguez. Her third grader is dead and her sixth grader allegedly did it. Clearly, this must come as a shock to the mother who just days ago defended her son and pleaded for Leila's killer to be found ... to now have to reconcile the horrifying death of her daughter with the fact that her son may have done it has to be beyond devastating.

So far, there's been no talk of motive or of sentencing, but the 12-year-old has indeed been charged with homicide.

Priscilla wanted a conclusion to this overwhelming case, but I'm positive she didn't want it this way. The closure on Leila's death opens up questions about her son, her daughter's killer, that may never be answered.

Are you shocked to learn the brother has been charged?

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jalaz77 jalaz77

I was really hoping this wasn't the case. So many of us were thinking this but had hoped it wasn't true. Yes I am surprised but had a small feeling, you don't have to work in law to suspect the brother.

elle7777 elle7777

Not really. After I read the story I was pretty certain it was going to end up being the brother.


Sadly, not shocking what so ever.Something just didn't smell right with the boy "discovering" his sisters body and the gray haired man.

hopea... hopealways4019

That little lieing baster, now he also a cold bloodied killer. I hope the judge dont let that little monster out until he 90.

nonmember avatar jane

Had a feeling that his story just didnt sound right. My heart just breaks for that poor mother. One baby dead killed by her other baby. Heartache no matter what.

Tia Williams

Now I wonder if they will FINALLY go back and connect the Boulder CO murder of JonBennet Ramsey to HER brother. I've always thought that was the only answer.

happyrae happyrae

My heart and sympathy go out to this mother! It is inconceivable that this tragedy could happen to a family. There are no words to ease her pain or to describe the emotions that this incident raises.

Ilove... Ilovenaps

How does a mother survive something like this?  I know it's easy to look at this 12 year old boy as a monster, but something's not right.  Not that their parents did anything wrong, but once again I think we can look at our society, media, etc. and wonder how our world is shaping (or misshaping) our kids.  Mental illness is another thing that HAS to be looked at.  Sometimes no one has a clue anything is wrong until it just suddenly rears it's nasty head.  Kids aren't born evil.

godsb... godsbutterflys

   I wonder if the brother might have been or had started to molest the little girl and when she threatened to tell on him that sent him into a rage. With the divorce of his parents and all of the other stresser in his life something made him snap. What ever it was I am ever so sorry for the parents and I wish them all the Grace and Blessings that our God has to give.

IHear... IHeartCake

They should press charges against the lying neighbor, too.  My heart breaks for the parents of these children.  If guilty, there is something horribly wrong with the 12-year-old.  I'm not sure he can ever be rehabilitated.  He may be a danger to society for the rest of his life.  So so sad.  I wish I could hug the parents.  They need a lot of caring and support.  I hope no one will be so cruel as to place blame anywhere but on the 12-year-old (if guilty.) 

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