Gina DeJesus' Mother Says She Would 'Hug' Daughter's Alleged Kidnapper Ariel Castro (VIDEO)

We've heard some amazing stories of people offering forgiveness to people who have hurt them terribly, but this one is a doozy. The mother of Gina DeJesus, who allegedly spent a decade being tortured in captivity along with two other women, has reportedly said that she forgives Gina's alleged tormentor, Ariel Castro. But not only does she forgive, she told 20/20 that she would hug him! Gina's mom, Nancy Ruiz, said:

I would hug him and I would say, 'God bless you.' I would say, 'God bless you,' and I'd hug him. I did not hate him. I forgave him years ago. I said it: I forgive whoever done it, just let her go.

Hmmmm. Wow. I don't know what to say. All the more unexpected since Castro knew Gina's family and would ask her mother, Nancy Ruiz, how she was doing and feign concern!

I'm always in awe of people who can forgive -- and it's something I've been working very hard on in the past year. I've realized that forgiveness doesn't mean that you have to like someone, or that you have to condone what that person did, or hang out with him, but that you are letting go of hatred in your heart so you can live a good, full life. After all, what good would Gina's mom do Gina, who needs her now, if she walked around bitching out Ariel Castro? Probably not much good.

On the other hand, I think it's a bit premature for Nancy Ruiz to be declaring her forgiveness for the simple reason that Gina may not have had time to forgive him, and until then it's nice to feel that your mom has your back and is willing to not forgive if you don't want to forgive -- yet. If that makes sense. All I know is that if I was tortured for a decade, I'd want my mother to be mad as hell for awhile -- and not be offering to hug my kidnapper. On the other hand, maybe that anger would just feed my own and then you've got two angry people who lives were first taken by Ariel Castro, and then by their own bitterness.

Says Nancy:

When you start to hate a person, that eats you up. I don't have time for that. I have to be, you know, I want to be happy, like I am now.

Well, she is right about that. Anger will eat you up. And she must be ecstatic to have her girl home and just wants to remain happy like she says. Why concentrate on the beast that is Ariel Castro when she can focus on the angel that is Gina?

Still ... I think there is a benefit to giving acknowledgement to your anger for awhile. Maybe Nancy will do that later.

Would you be able to hug your child's kidnapper?



Image via ABC 20/20



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Histo... HistoryMamaX3

This is a weird situation... as, these parents have had YEARS to come to terms with a loss of a child. They've gone through a process of grief, anger, and even forgiveness. Something these women are only just NOW getting to process.

I agree what she said is a bit off- but I can't condemn her for processing differently, particularly after 10 years of torment not knowing where her child was or whether or not she was even alive. She may go through the process all over again, after the shock of it all has time to wear away.

mleil... mleilanim

Sure.....with a pair of scissors in my hand. God prefers the path of righteousness; however, he expects us to possess malice. Who am I to not withhold an expectation? Especially when it comes to my child. Not to mention even He says there is no place in Heaven for anyone who harms a child. I question whether this mother is truly a "mother". Doesn't sound like her daughter has anyone in her corner. Thats sad.


I agree with "MLEILANIM" I don't think I could hug someone who caused harm to my child and befriended me when I was heartbroken thinking my child was dead but the whole time you was rapeing and straving my baby and abusing her that's something I don't think I could do that he don't deserve a hug a ass whopping and a pole stuck up his A$$ .

rubst... rubster87

Hug him? I don't think I could. But I can totally see how a mother could be extremely grateful just to have her daughter back and want to move forward. They've been through hell already. No need to ad to the negative I guess??

BeSwe... BeSweet707

Maybe She's grateful Ariel the monster sparred her child's life and didn't murder her?

abra819 abra819

What a moron.

Jenn Jabber Hughes

Oh sure I would hug him.... tightly.. around his neck.. and wouldn't let go until he stopped breathing. Everyone handles these things differently, and if that's how she wants to go along with it then fine. I just happen to not agree.. I personally know what it feels like to lose a family member for years of our lives.. and then find out after she got free that she was being abused and taken advantage of the whole time. A cousin of mine, and our family is very close.. was moved away from us, we got a few phone calls here and there but we didn't know the "stepdad" was listening to every phone call she made, used her, abused her.. for years.. her mother (not our family) knew and did nothing. Finally she got free when she left for college and she came back to us and her father who never gave up hope. People like that don't deserve to live, just my opinion.

.LoVe... .LoVeMyBuG.

Um no. Some things are just unforgivable. Moving forward with life, yes. 

Could HUG him?? Hell no. F**k no. That man deserves to go to rot in hell for what he has done. 

Paws84 Paws84

No, I'd shoot him in the face. I can't imagine being alright with someone raping and torturing my daughter, but that's just me. The last thing I would ever do is forgive him. Disgusting.

adopt... adoption2013

The victim is her daughter not her.  The sin is not hers to forgive.  If she can forgive her daughter being chained like an animal, starved, beaten a nd repeatedly raped perhaps she'd better consider how she would feel if it happened to her. What a moron.  God help anyone whoever harms my child because I will show no mercy.

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