Bizarre Nancy Grace Split-Screen Parking Lot Report Will Make You Look Twice (VIDEO)


If you were watching CNN on Wednesday during the network's coverage of the Cleveland kidnapping story, you may have noticed something a little odd. Nancy Grace and Ashleigh Banfield were doing a split-screen broadcast when a bizarre spatial anomaly seemed to take place: the cars passing behind the news actors were exactly the same. How could this be, when the two reporters were communicating via satellite and thus had to be hundreds if not thousands of miles apart, as evidenced by Grace's death-clutch on her earpiece as if she were struggling to hear Banfield's time-delayed comments? Had they somehow tunneled a wormhole through space?

As it turns out, they were both in Phoenix to cover the Jodi Arias murder trial verdict -- and not only were they in the same zip code, but the same damn parking lot. Despite their split-screen interview, the two reporters must have been standing all of 30 feet from each other, which is hilariously clear when you see the background of both shots.

The Atlantic did a great job of making some amusing GIF evidence that Grace and Banfield were in the same lot, facing the same direction, and standing fairly close together during the "remote" interview broadcast:

It's true the two reports are from separate networks, but it's still pretty strange that they staged the broadcast to appear as though they were in entirely separate locations. And come on, CNN, this is the Internet -- you didn't think someone would make an animated-image mockery of your Sooper-Serious Split-Screen Broadcast?

As the two intrepid journalists stood in front of the same building, while the same vehicles trundled through one shot and then out the other, one wonders if the women felt the cold distance of putting on their respective faces for the cameras -- so close, yet so far apart. As The Atlantic put it,

... despite being on sister stations and the fact Grace would literally only need to walk a few brisk steps to join Banfield on the same camera, the two broadcast teams remain hopelessly torn apart.

Do you think it's weird that this interview was done via split-screen?

Image via CNN

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Katie DeHesa

yah, its pathetic, and then they expect us to take other news from them SERIOUSLY ?? although, admittedly, i am not even sure how long its been since i have viewed NGrace as a joke-of-a-news-reporter...she is a parody of herself these days :(

nonmember avatar AC CHAPA

"Live From Ten Feet Away" was how SNL labeled such silliness years ago.

But it may have been an editorial decision to keep the two apart, as CNN desperately hopes to regain its lost reputation for being serious about real news. Nancy Grace is not a journalist, nor does she pretend to be, I pray, and although the difference may seem and probably really is trivial, to have the two physically side-by-side would give Grace the same "weight", journalistically speaking, as Banfield. Of course this is a canard, since anchors cannot anchor and practice journalism at the same time, as they must conjure up their own gestures and asides on every story, else the TV consultants yell at them.

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