Teen Who Sexually Assaulted Toddler Twice Is Back in Same School District as His Traumatized Victim

preschoolWhen it comes to deviant actions, sometimes minors should be exempt. For instance, if a 13-year-old, who's come from a broken home, gets into a fist-fight, he or she should be given a little leeway. Is it right? Of course not. But what a fist-fighting 13-year-old who comes from a broken home needs more than anything is help. The root of the problem needs to be determined, and although punishment should be in order, they don't necessarily need to be kicked out of school and sent to jail. However, when a 13-year-old rapes a 4-year-old -- twice -- they need to be treated like an adult. Or, at the very least, they need to be banned from returning to the same school district their victim is in.

That's insane.

Diana Hamm is upset, claiming that a 13-year-old boy who's "almost 200 pounds" raped her 4-year-old grandson on two occasions. "It was quite brutal," Hamm said. "We certainly would have never seen it coming." The suspect plead guilty to a first degree felony for a rape that reportedly took place in the bathroom, and a rape that took place on the gym floor. The sexual assault was caught on school surveillance cameras, and the teen was sentenced to two years probation in January. But guess what? Now he's back in school -- in the same district the poor victim is in.

Hamm feels that the penalty is not suffice for the crime, but the thing that upsets her the most is that teen is back in the same school district as her toddler grandson, who's now undergoing therapy. "Unfortunately, the way it's setup, they actually get more protection than the victims themselves," Hamm said.

The juvenile justice system is designed to give young people a second chance -- and that's great. In some cases. In the case of a teenager who sexually abused a child twice -- sorry. I don't think a second chance is in order. 

Clearly, this teenager is deeply disturbed and needs help -- and he should get it. But he should be getting it out of the public school system. Or maybe even in jail. This innocent 4-year-old is now scarred for life. And if it happens to another child, we'll know it could have been prevented.

What do you think of this?


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PinkJane PinkJane

um, WHAT THE EFFFF is wrong with this system! 2 years PROBATION, now send him back to school so he can rape some more toddlers! He must be seriously messed up to have raped a 4 year old- i mean, any rape is horrible, but it sure takes a special kind of sick to rape a 4 year old!

jhslove jhslove

Okay, no. If you have something wrong enough with you that raping a toddler is something you would even consider doing, then two years of probation isn't going to do a damn thing. This kid is a danger to society, and he needs to be kept away from any potential victims for a long, long time. Sure, get him the help he needs, but this is just a slap in the face to the victim.

Christina Mancuso-Henry

This child - 14 is still a "child" technically - needs to be institutionalized, far away from the public and especially other children. For a 14 year old male to rape a toddler male, there is something dangerously wrong. This isn't just isolated deviant behavior - this is something that will continue and potentially escalate to murder. More than likely he was violated and abused himself by a male. I wonder if they even bothered to do an investigation on his family and to determine what caused this insanity.

abra819 abra819

eliminate the 13 year old. Pedophiles CANNOT be fixed.


Yeah, yeah, I'm cruel and that's not the answer, blah blah blah....

jalaz77 jalaz77

WTF???? How does that happen?? Unreal, unreal.

schlis schlis

That's just sick. He needs to be locked away somewhere for a very long time... far FAR away from the little boy he raped.

LostS... LostSoul88

he needs to be locked away and never released. He will rape again and when he does it will be on the states hands

Tammie Furman

Sad and a huge tragedy for the poor toddler and his family. How does this 14 year old come in contact with a 4 year old in school to rape not once but twice???

CadesMum CadesMum

The problem is that he raped a little boy TWICE and got probation. I don't care if he's thirteen years old, he should be put down.

Serab... Serabelle

I agree with abra, pedophiles cannot be fixed. He should be locked away forever. I don't think pedophiles should be allowed to live personally, and don't care that he is 13/14.

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